Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Muffinheads Still Want Us To Believe Ohio Belongs To Obama

The polls. When against us people cried foul. Now that they're for us people scream YAHOO! I call phooey on all those that believe polls. Send me $14,000 and I'll make you a poll. Any poll you want.

Polling is an art. Polls can be manipulated to depress the vote/increase the vote. Polls can be misread. So what is real?


Absentees and Cleaned up Voter Rolls

I am sure that it was merely coincidence that there were 490,000 dead/duplicate voters registered in 2008. Well all their votes have been suppressed. Is there no shame for the dead duplicates? Their relatives in Chicago could not be reached for comment. Just a stone cold quiet. Forget about it Jake, it's ChiTown.