Thursday, December 11, 2008

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What the rest of the country gets

Auto Bailout: Harry Reid Is A Whining Moron

Musing On Obama And America's Future

Was the current economic crisis engineered specifically for the election? I believe so.

Is the auto bailout being engineered as payback to unions and to make it imperative that the federal government take over large chunks of industry in America? Yes, in for a penny, in for a pound will be the cry from Washington and they will probably give an equity stake to the unions which will be the death knell for the auto industry.

Will the failure of the auto industry bring us health reform as envisioned by the new administration? Yes, Hillary Care will become a reality and it will kill what quality and affordability in medicine that Medicare/Medicaid hasn't. The Kevorkian of health, Tom Daschle, will lead the way. He's like a Dracula who has had a hundred stakes put through his heart by the citizens and keeps popping up to drool in his droll way.

Is Obama and his close friends in up to their necks in the political corruption in Chicago and Illinois? You betcha and we'll never hear anything about it. No doubt for the good of the country. In fact, the Obama is answering a question in a press conference about if any of his staff may have spoken to the governor of Illinois. Warm up the bus Rahm, time to toss another under it.

This administration is off to a good start. Not for us, but what do they care? If Obama gets a quarter of what he has talked about, our country will be unrecognizable and totally screwed.

How can a country this large maintain itself as a third world loser? It can't. And that is no coincidence.