Friday, April 11, 2008

Edinburgh, Scotland

Jesse Ventura Is 'None Of The Above'

Jesse Ventura wants the presidential election to be more like a grocery store so people have more choices than just Coke or Pepsi because he is a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal. Well, isn't he special.

To add to his soft drink presidential choices Jesse thinks we should also have a "none of the above" flavor. His nattering on every possible venue shouldn't be considered as publicity for his book. His nattering should be considered moronic. Is it well intentioned? Don't care.

Maverick wants none of the above for president

"I oppose the two-party system. All it is is more of the two-party dictatorship," he said. "What I wish we had on the ballot for all our elections is 'none of the above' so you could show you have no confidence in the government.

"It would be amazing just how often 'none of the above' would win ... the only difference I see is that if a Democrat wins (in November) our taxes will go up. That's not saying they spend any more or less than the Republicans but the Republicans put it on a credit card, or the national debt."

An electorate that relies, for the most part, on the main stream media to glean knowledge about two opposing candidates for president will be better off if they have more as well as an out if they don't know or care to make a decision? That's like giving a teenager the choice between cars in the garage and liquor in the cabinet for their drive to the prom. Aren't we in bad enough shape by letting the bureaucrats the run of the auto dealership and the liquor store while controlling the judicial process, using our money the whole time?

You want multiple choice, take a class or move to Italy since that's working oh so well for them. If we are to have weirdo candidates for weirdo voters to vote for and a none of the above choice for those too stupid or too lazy to make a choice, we're in trouble. Wait, we are in trouble, we may have Barr and Paul for starters.

Maybe we can add Daffy Duck and a Teletubby candidate for those that think we need more diversity in government just to round out the Jesse Ventura weirdo slate. Then we can add a Nazi candidate, a Communist, a Green and an Ayrian Nation candidate as well. Come on, this is fun. How about a Zuni Nationalist, a La Raza North American Unity Party candidate, a NAMBLA candidate to spread the love and a vegan Wiccan Nation Common Sense Party candidate for those that don't believe, but want to cover their bases type of voters. Don't forget the Goth Nation! If they win they can repaint the White House black, you know, for change. Real change.

Me, I'd like to continue what has made America strong, one man - one vote and a two party system. For those that can't make a decision or won't make a decision, they can exercise their "none of the above" by not voting for president. Otherwise they can stop screwing with our elections to sell books, get on television or to puff up their own self worth.

Work, support your family, understand the ramifications of your vote and be nice to people. If you want to get involved in party politics to make a change, that is great. If not, stop your bitching and your spewing of foolish ideas.

UPDATE: Add another party!

From Obama via Ace:

Vote For Me, You Corncob-Smokin', Banjo-Strokin' Chicken-Chokin' Cousin-Pokin' Inbred Hillbilly Racist Morons

See? This is gittin more funner all the time!