Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sex Can Be Fugly

"Erotic Gherkin"

Poor England. How many indignities can she take?

Oh, I forgot about Howard.

Never mind.

How Many More Lies By the Media?

Via Sniper One at 7.62MM Justice

A poor wittle terrorist gets a hang nail or gets so upset over a cartoon, let alone bogus, lying stories about the Koran and a toilet and our media piddles all over themselves getting the story a headline in the local rag.

Al Qaeda slaughters a village and it isn't newsworthy.

Read Michael Yon, who does not hang out in a green zone nor pay money to known liars as sources, but actually goes to the scene and reports the good and the bad. You should go with him...

Bless the Beasts and Children

Every day we put up with shoddy reporting, morons passing as reporters and editors and, now, outright lies and censorship.

Fire everyone of the bastards. Oh, pass this story on. The author says it is okay.

5 Days Gone

"Don't give up the ship" USS Niagra, War of 1812.

3 times sunburned.