Saturday, May 05, 2007

Things You Can't Do in Islam Part IV

A continuing guide to diet in Islam.

Peacock is okay.

Eating bat is not.

Street Sense

Ragin Cajin Calvin Borel bided his time for first half and smokes the field from 19th to win the Kentucky Derby.


Rahm Emanuel & the One Trick Pony

Democrats' Momentum Is Stalling

In the heady opening weeks of the 110th Congress, the Democrats' domestic agenda appeared to be flying through the Capitol: Homeland security upgrades, a higher minimum wage and student loan interest rate cuts all passed with
overwhelming bipartisan support.

But now that initial progress has foundered as Washington
policymakers have been consumed with the debate over the Iraq war. Not a single priority on the Democrats' agenda has been enacted, and some in the party are growing nervous that the "do nothing" tag they slapped on Republicans last year could come back to haunt them.

"We cannot be a one-trick pony," said House Democratic Caucus Chairman
Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), who helped engineer his party's takeover of Congress as
head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "People voted for
change, but Iraq, the economy and Washington, D.C., [corruption] all tied for
first place. We need to do them all."

On DC corruption - Rahm, you guys are the best, you magnificent bastard.

The economy - If you had any cents you'd leave it alone.

Iraq - The Dems strategic & tactical genius showed in this fight. Sun Tzu you guys ain't.
Rahm, Dems should do what they do best. Do nothing.