Monday, April 06, 2009

Obama, First European President of The United States

This just about wraps up Obama perfectly. Go read the rest.

The Obama Assault on Sovereignty
And, at the very time he was crisscrossing Europe pretending to be the first European president of the United States, his defense budget cuts were announced. They include a $5 billion cut to the military’s modernization programs, and a near 17 percent cut in the budget for missile defense—just two days after North Korea launched its long-range missile. Why is national security the only area of the budget in which he shows fiscal restraint? Combined with his abdication of American leadership at the G-20 and NATO summits, this weakening of American military power heavily implies that Obama has consciously accepted the idea that America is and should be a declining military power.

At least he got to kiss a Sarkozy.

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