Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cult Suicide By Presidential Decree

The polls are all out there. Virginia, New Jersey and now Massachusetts have slapped Obama in the face. People are angry nationwide with lefties more angry than most and Obama sends a clear message through his Maltese Falcon, Gibbs, that their losses are victories because the polls show it so and they are staying the course.

Unfortunately, the course is so foggy and inept that most people don't know the course setting, but they know they don't like it.

A year ago I saw Hope, Change and Obama on every surface possible. Today, even Volvos display a shadow where those stickers have been torn off. The cult of Obama is in shambles as is his administration and his presidency, but Obama keeps touching on, thinking deeply and showing his shallowness at every turn, especially as he worries about things that citizens don't care about.

What was heralded as a new beginning is now nothing. Jobs are gone, homes are gone and Obama doesn't seem to get it nor does he seem to care. He offers up now cliched platitudes about Bush's fault, corporate greed, banker fat cats, truck driving fools and countless insults against every faction of society and as a child would, sinks into his presidential throne and sulks.

Those that have and do represent the greatness of America weep while those begging for more government largess keep grabbing for more as the ship sinks.

The cult is rearranging the deck chairs.