Sunday, November 11, 2007

Denison Violence, Rape, Racism And "Hate Crimes" Coverup?

Read the previous post and timeline, Big Stink At Denison University Ain't Smelling Right .

UPDATE II: I find it deeply disturbing that many Denison students are stating that "hate crimes" on and off campus, violence and rapes are regularly occurring. Why haven't these assaults, beatings, rapes, "hate crimes" and vandalism been reported to the police? Especially since Denison decided to admit that their two on duty guards can't handle things? I have seen nothing of these allegations in the news, but people half way around the world know enough to be terrified to return to the scary world called Denison. People in Granville would be terrified if they only knew of the lawlessness and the dangerous threat to their community as vicious criminals roam the hilltop right over their townie heads.

Excerpt from eastern Europe:
This unease I experience which stems my experiences here, however, is
miniscule compared to my fear of returning to Denison. And do not get me
wrong, I miss my family and friends to the point of tears, but I must admit,
this semester has brought with it a generous dose of escapism. There has
been a sequence of terrible hate crimes going on at Denison. An email from a
close friend of mine reads as follows:

(Describing what is happening on campus) people being beat up behind
Swasey, people being called nigger as they walk through campus or Granville,
bottles being thrown, girls getting raped and faggot being graffitied on
people's doors… Today a swastika was put under black RA’a door. Under it saying "stop causing trouble". I just, didn’t believe it at first. That something like
this is going on at Denison, on this campus. This hate being perpetuated. Can
you imagine waking up to that? So many people , black white whatever feel unsafe and threatened on campus. Like a swastika...really? I mean the noose poster could and very well was an ignorant mistake but a deliberate printing out and distributing of hate toward another person just baffles my mind… So I don’t know what's going to happen now. I mean I just don’t know. no one knows who did it and so I don’t know.

And an excerpt from a letter from the president:
Over the last several weeks, a number of Denison students have reported experiences both recent and recurring over a longer period that interfere with
their ability to get the most out of their Denison education and that offend our
community values which respect the worth and dignity of all persons. In some
cases, these were affronts that had the effect of diminishing men and women on
account of their race. In other cases, they were affronts that had the effect of
diminishing persons on account of their sexual orientation. Still other students
have shared their discomfiture with continuing acts of vandalism that show
disrespect for the learning and living environments that all women and men on
campus should be able to enjoy.

Denison even got a shout out on the O’Reilly factor because of these
events, and is being discussed in regional publications. As a school of a little
more than 2,000 students, I am ashamed that this is what brings us into the
national spotlight.

At Denison I am the chair of the sexual harassment and rape program, an
active member of Women’s Emphasis, and the Student director of the Women’s
resource center (although I have a proxy currently serving). Additionally I am
the fellow of the Women’s studies and Sociology departments, the two directing
the most focus and energy toward these events. Last semester I had been holding
meetings attended by Denison student’s in leadership positions, faculty, and
staff, during which we addressed issues related to harassment, rape, and sexual
violence. It seemed that we were actually making progress through our
dialogue. I cannot help but feeling like I am jumping into boiling water
when I return to Denison. It is inevitable that many students and staff will
expect me to directly address these issues in a significant way. While I am
in love with Eastern Europe and the communities I am researching and
partnering with, maybe, just maybe, I am meant to return home because of the
very issues I dread confronting.

Shouldn't the National Guard, the F.B.I. and the local police all be called in to investigate and patrol the campus, not only to protect unaware Granville citizens, but also stop the violence?

I call on President Dale Knobel to immediately move to protect the citizens of central Ohio from a school out of control and from secret gangs of university hooligans roaming the campus at will, committing heinous crimes.

Finally, the citizens of Granville should demand that the village council immediately get answers from the university and investigate why this information has been withheld from the citizens of Granville. How long has the university been aware of these problems? Why haven’t citizens and families with children been made aware of the danger living within their community. If there has been a cover up, who orchestrated it and when?

Frank Rich, Delusional Fiction Writer In Search of Nebutal

Jules Crittenden reads Frank Rich. Jules Crittenden laughs very hard at Frank Rich.

Revolution Vs. Totalitarian Nightmare Please


Musharraf's badness created by Bush's most nefarious badness.

Pakistani enlightened liberals (even lawyers!!) take to the street as America, as a whole, suffers from clinical depression over Bush's orwellian "Celebration of Freedom".

Finale: I could just crap that Bush got his Attorney General. Get Ho Chi Minh on the phone. Stat! Democracy sinking here people!!

Thank's for the chuckle Frank and Jules. I needed it.

For The Modern Nomad, The Muslim Car

Malaysia firm's 'Muslim car' plan

The time is right. The design is right. Caravans can now effortlessly move from oasis to oasis. There is even room for prayer rugs when enroute.

It even has a special Mecca compass. No doubt modeled after Captain Jack Sparrow's.

If you want the real story, go to the article. Competition is killing Malaysia's Proton so they're looking for new markets.

Chavez: Cluck As A Socialist, Live As A Capitalist

Baby Hugo, pork loin of the south, got a royal reprimand in a very unroyal way from Spanish King Juan Carlos:

"Why don't you shut up?"

A very good question Baby Hugo. Why don't you shut up?

You're getting fat enough to be Michael Moore's twin and you're living like the kings you denigrate. You strut like Mussolini and live on the backs of working people, but for a fascist and a socialist, that's not unusual.

Be a good boy, Baby Hugo, be quiet and go back to your palace. All your mommys will be there.

OEA/NEA (Unions) Defy Law, Hide Teacher Wrongdoing

ABCs of Betrayal Contracts crafted to shield teachers

Many teachers' contracts are written to block Ohioans from learning about
misconduct, but such provisions often violate state law.
Some union contracts give teachers the right to create obstacles to public viewing of their personnel files, purge negative information and hide things in off-the-record files.

All defy Ohio's public-records law.

The contract for Clearview schools in Lorain County, for example, says that a teacher or union representative has the right to be present when a member of the public looks at his or her file.

Several union contracts allow discipline records to be purged after a period of

Dayton's union president couldn't be reached, and the union doesn't allow its other officials to speak to news media.

Some districts still keep some information in secret files despite the state law that took effect in March.

Lieberman, the union expert, said some blame has to fall on school boards. They're the ones agreeing to the illegal secrecy and privacy clauses, as well as promises that the district won't discipline teachers for things that happen outside school or in their personal lives. (my emphasis)

See, it's all our school board's fault. The union put these things in the contracts just to point that out to us. We should thank them.

The time and reason for unions died long ago. We should especially fight their bad influence in education and all parts of government.

Welcome To The Gulag

While looking at the fall of the Berlin Wall I was stunned that there is still a monument in Berlin to the soviets that liberated Berlin.

Liberated? This is a joke isn't it? Liberated? As in having Welcome Wagon at Auswich? Maybe milk and cookies for the victims in the Katyn Forest, just before the massacre? Maybe a nice cup of cocoa for those the soviets disagreed with in the Hungary of 1956?

The soviets liberated Berlin through rape, pillaging, murder, imprisionment, slaverly and occupation.

Liberated? We should have hung all these "liberators" for being the murderous thugs they were/are and for generally being a festering boil on the ass of humanity.

Peter Fechter lies dying after being shot by East German border guards. This photo achieved international notoriety, 1962.

Dead end tram lines at the Berlin Wall. After the wall came down West Berlin hoped to join east and west lines for economic improvement. They couldn't because the communists tore up the old tracks and replaced them with a different gauge rail line making the joining impossible. East Berlin and Germany still suffer because of this and the other "improvements" the communists made.

Ministry for State Security Archives (GDR): Is “Stop or Liquidate” Order a Major Discovery or Old News?
“Do not hesitate to use your firearm, not even when the border
is breached in the company of women and children, which is a tactic the traitors
have often used,” the key passage said.

I sometimes wonder if some future generations, perhaps my daughter�s, will come to believe that communist East Germany was a wonderful place.

It wasn't. Everything was tinny and thin and dusty. Beer was very cheap, but flat and thin. The newspapers were tiny, on rough paper, and the pictures in them were posed and awkward, with flash-generated shadows behind every smiling head. Shops had a lot of empty shelves, and the goods on offer were all odd and shabby products from other "socialist"lands.

Soviet memorial to their "liberation" of Berlin.

Why has there never been an international tribune for a war crimes trial for the communists? As murderers the communists made Hitler a novice.