Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pelosi Has The Votes

Nancy must, otherwise she wouldn't be announcing that she dropping all the shenanigans and deigning to use a constitutionally sound method. Waxman announced there would be no Deem and Pass, but that it would be an up or down vote. That tells me that they have twisted, broken or threatened enough House arms. The sound of which must have been loud because they seemed to have not heard the 10s of thousands of Tea Party protesters right outside.

Time to vote. The voters will be watching.

Sun And New Hope

Even Obama Doesn't Know The Cost Of Health Care "Reform"

Even the Administration’s Chief Actuary at HHS cannot provide cost analysis of latest Democrat health spending bill before the vote
Chief Actuary: ‘I regret that my staff and I will not be able to prepare our analysis within this very tight time frame, due to the complexity of the legislation.’

Figures. Hey, if you still have checks, you must still have money, right?

Richard Milhouse Obama: Jobgate

The Under The Bus Gang is about to grow in numbers.

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Specter Opens Door on White House Felonies
One former high-ranking Justice Department official, after telling me that there were indeed problems with the Department's silence on this issue, said that in the current political climate at the Holder-run Justice Department, any Justice official who sought to go to Holder with thoughts of investigating Messina or his boss Rahm Emanuel or anyone else in the White House would have to have "brass balls." A colorful way of saying that Justice Department officials are being intimidated from pursuing the truth, no matter where it leads.

Anwar Al-Awlaqi And Jihad Jane 'American As Apple Pie'

Jihad as American as apple pie, says US-born cleric
"Jihad is becoming as American as apple pie and as British as afternoon tea," the US-Yemeni cleric said in an English-language message posted on militant forums and released by the US-based SITE monitoring agency.
 Western attempts to stop the spread of violent jihad to people who do not fit the usual profile of a potential extremist have failed, he argued, amid a rash of home-grown terrorism cases in the United States.
 "Eight years after 9/11 and the declaration of war against terrorism, jihad is still reaching the shores of Europe and America. Not from the outside, but from within. Jihad is not being imported but is being homegrown," read the message attributed to Awlaqi.

Marksmanship is also as American as apple pie.

45,000 Uninsured Die Each Year. Actually, Not

You Lie! MSNBC Lets Dem's False 45,000 'Uninsurance Deaths' Go Unchallenged
"In other words, Medicaid enrollment reduces life expectancy rather than increasing it!"

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CBO: HCR Actually To Add Billions$ To Deficit

MSM won't report this.

Medicare fix would push health care into the red

Rollback of Medicare cuts to doctors, if added to health care bill, push it into the red

Tricks, bad book cooking, bribes, threats and lies are the foundations this bill is built on.