Sunday, February 21, 2010

“Chicago Mafia” - Idealists And Hacks And The Cult Of Political Novices

ChiTown rookies. Dead fish. F*cking retards. Professor Ax. Tax evaders. Serial bower. Ms. Denmark Jarrett. Pedophiles. The Biden boo-boo.

Need more?

How about the ChiTown rookies believe themselves the "Chicago Mafia" and being from Chicago they think it is cute and gives them gravitas.

It is painful to watch an administration so paralyzed from the top down with, needless what Mr. Tingles thinks, Democrats sniping at each other and undermining their President. It is more painful for a fairly homogeneous nation that is losing all faith in our leadership because the leadership has so deeply missed why they were elected.

Jobs? Yes. Health care reform? Not before jobs. Climate care? Not really then and definitely not now. Card check? Not a chance. In short, Obama and ilk thought he was the one whose vision for America would alter and transform America.

America does not wish to be transformed, especially at the price tag that these naive dreamers would exact. To add insult to injury, the administration condescends, their allies in the press openly lie to cover for the administration, and their 'intellectual' counterparts writing on the Internet say that Americans are too stupid to understand issues. These people must be super-Americans, having been produced by America, but are too ignorant to understand that they are calling America stupid but not themselves.

Short of feeling annointed, Obama and friends actually believe their vision of Hope and Change won over America while other dissenting Democrats "realize" the Americans voted against George W. Bush. Neither realize the vote by independents was against the rancor of the Bush years. Rancor that Democrats spread across the streets, state capitals and in the capital of the United States of America. This was from the beginning a formula for disaster.

Is there a shortcut back to the political center for these people. Possibly, but I think they are incapable of achieving it because they're still drinking their own bath water and think it is ambrosia.

America voted itself a loser who won through false advertising and bravado unseen in American politics and the world was oh so proud of Americans for being enlightened. Now that America has seen the contents of the package they bought, they are rejecting it, and the world and our own "intellectuals" are oh so disappointed that we are so stupid.

America will spend much time and money repairing what this administration and its allies in Congress have already done to us, but we will get it done. It is the American way to right wrongs and what is currently being done to America is wrong.

Reid: Health Care Refraud In 60 Days

Scott Brown isn't the conservative that the left wants to make him, but I'm thinking he's not so dumb to:

Reid: Health care reform will pass within 60 days; better than 50-50 Scott Brown votes for jobs bill...

Treating the electorate as petulant children because they want health care reform, but not the one being offered, is a great way to win a battle, but lose the war. Just look to others on the left, such as Green Party candidate Dennis Spisak, who's whipping a dead horse(s) onward to victory.

Will Reid/Pelosi/Obama pass health care reform nefariously? Possibly. Actually, it is the only win possibility for them. If so, it will kill government health care and their agenda for generations.

Ron Paulians Swarm CPAC Poll

They're back!

Awful… RON PAUL WINS CPAC 10 Straw Poll

About 1/4 of the attendees voted, but the rEvolution crowd will crow like chickens about their victory. Hopefully, most will get back home in time for their K1 classes.

Chris Matthews: Democrats Totally United?

Just heard Mr. Tingles state that the Demos are like so totally united because Hillary has shown her complete fealty to Obama and Billy has been a good boy, ergo they're all together. Huh?

Evan Bayh. Ahem, he is thinking of actually working in the private sector because if he can create just one job, he will have created more jobs than our current administration has in the last six months.

Health care reform. Now there is a model of being a tight team.

Oh, never mind.