Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Heck With Guns - Control and Ban Cars

1) Drivers kill more deer than hunters.

2) More Americans have died in car accidents than have died in all the wars ever fought by the United States.

Government Research, Statistics And Damned Lies

Has the AIDS epidemic grown or shrunk. Are the numbers up or are they down? Those potentially affected might care which is not to mean those that may contract AIDS, but those that are ideologically or financially invested in AIDS.

How are we to know who to believe? We can't know, at least from what are considered traditional sources because they bend studies to their own means. Many are kind and say the different groups "interpret" data. I'm not kind. They lie about data.

U.N. to Cut Estimate Of AIDS Epidemic
Population With Virus Overstated by Millions

The United Nations' top AIDS scientists plan to acknowledge this week
that they have long overestimated both the size and the course of the epidemic,
which they now believe has been slowing for nearly a decade, according to U.N.
documents prepared for the announcement.

So, I guess that the numbers were fudged wrong in East Timbucktu for years.
Estimate of AIDS Cases In U.S. Rises
New Test Places the Rate Of Infection 50 Percent Higher

New government estimates of the number of Americans who become infected with the AIDS virus each year are 50 percent higher than previous calculations suggested, sources said yesterday.

So, I guess that the numbers will be fudged wrong in the U.S. for years.

How does the average citizen decide who or what effort they should believe in? Traditionally, people have trusted a source, like St. Lukes, and have answered their plea for funds. Some causes, such as children's cancer, elicit private financial support as well as demands for public funds. This is so because people want to trust and have learned to trust certain groups. Now, I think people are generally beginning to no longer believe, especially anything related to government sources and sources perceived to be aligned with the government.

To many people, CDC and NIH, as examples, are nothing more than extensions of rich special interest groups and taxpayer paid bureaucrats that have agendas they want to foist on American society. That they are using our taxes to try to socially engineer us into their vision of what society should be. It is also fabulous job security, saving us from ourselves using our money to pay for their jobs.

Personally, I think AIDS has become a cash cow, much like race and poverty, for special interests and most governmental departments and agencies. To them, conquering AIDS, racism and poverty may be laudable goals, but a lot of money can be made while those goals are sought. More profitable though, would be if they're not conquered, but just contained to certain levels that constantly give a smaller profit, but over a longer term. Including advertising revenue.

Anymore, I wouldn't believe The Washington Post if they wrote that night is dark and day is light. I'd believe in a heartbeat that they had spiked or hyped a story in hopes of profit. And I'd laugh at their denial.

Get Lost, It's Not Your School District Uncle Sam

People like Harkin, Reid and Pelosi don't know what local control means in the United States Of America. Either that or they don't care, much like they thumb their noses at the 10th Amendment and try to hold it up as a barrier to nirvana on earth.

That's why they are liberals, they believe the federal government is smarter than a bunch of meddlesome citizens in fly over country.

I can hear them now, "It's all for the children."

Effort to Limit Junk Food in Schools Faces Hurdles
Federal lawmakers are considering the broadest effort ever to limit what
children eat: a national ban on selling candy, sugary soda and salty, fatty food
in school snack bars, vending machines and cafeteria lines.

I'd rather locally put up with Mabel the librarian and Elmer the blowhard that both know more than anybody else in town than, by law, have to put up with a bunch of government bureaucrats that have never seen our town. I really dislike the unseen, unelected and all too powerful bureaucracy. If you cut their workforce by 40% all you would have is a start of whittling away at the pervasive job redundancy within federal bureaucracies.

I think we had a revolution, help me here, over absentee rule, not that these arrogant morons in Washington DC care.

Siamese Twins Putin/Chavez - Election Cheats

Where the Hell is that louse Jimmah Carter when he actually might stumble into doing something worthwhile? Probably out kissing some third world dictator’s butt. He likes doing that.

Where is Jimmah? Well he ain’t in the new Soviet Union Russia watching the "Vlad the Enjailer” Putin. Vlad may just reopen Hotel Stalin, the place where you can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave.

Nor is Jimmah hugging pre-election booty with his buddy Hugo “the Love Vote” Chavez in Venezuela. Together, to woo the traitors, they could harmonize in perfect show tune fashion, I’d love you to love me, I’m beggin you to beg me. Maybe not, Jimmah tried it in 1980. Hugo can just be called Puntin's puta.

We can know that Jimmah is nowhere near either place because important elections that will crush people and their hopes have or are about to take place. Those are the type of places Jimmah just does not go. He went to Arafat’s face down funeral, yes, but never to places where there is hope of actually stopping tyrants.

At some point, people may ask, where is the press? The press will point to many stories about these elections, but their stories do not tell all the facts. Facts, such as the ramifications of these two arrogant dictator wannabes winning and getting their political and egotistical way. No, the press will use the Jimmah model of showing support VS telling people the truth.

The truth loses every time. Not so Putin or Chavez.

UPDATE: Sweetness and Light names Reuters Best Butt Boy for Hugo "the Love Vote" Chavez.

Shocker: Hugo Chavez Wins His Referendum!

UPDATE II: Late news (short for north, east, west, south) is reporting that Hugo "not the Love Vote" lost this year's bid to be loudmouth for life and permanent puta for Putin.

Chavez Loses Constitutional Vote

UPDATE III: Stephen Green at Vodka Pundit and Glenn Reynolds at whatever his blog's name is agree that this year's attempt by Hugo the Chavez is probably just his first attempt to be loudmouth for life and permanent puta for Putin. Baby Huey will try again.