Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big Guilda, Cooks Camps :: Wellfleet, MA Cape Cod

Not far from where my mother's place was.

Brown Hires Union Thugs For Gov Race

Jerry Brown urges unions to 'attack'
Faced with the daunting prospect of being significantly outspent by his Republican opponent, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown spoke to a labor group Tuesday and urged them to go on the offensive.

Sure, organize illegally with outside groups. Way to go.

"We're going to attack whenever we can, but I'd rather have you attack," Brown said at a gathering of the California delegation of the Laborers' International Union of North America in Sacramento. "I'd rather be the nice guy in this race. We'll leave [the attacks] to ... the Democratic Party and others."

Ah, good cop, bad cop, but it doesn't work very well when your victims know that it is occurring. Besides, unions are nonpartisan, just ask them and they'll lie tell the truth.

Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for GOP candidate Meg Whitman, said Brown's pitch was unseemly and perhaps even illegal.

"Unseemly"? Not a normal campaign punch word, but whatever. Of course it's illegal.

"I think this is pretty clear evidence that Jerry Brown is actively seeking independent support to prop up his campaign from the unions attacking Meg Whitman," Bounds said. "And more importantly, I think, it's Jerry Brown in his own words laying out a very cynical campaign strategy that's playing fast and loose with the campaign rules in California."

Ol' Jerry Brown playing fast and loose with the rules? Say it ain't so.

Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford noted Brown singled out the Democratic Party in his speech and "pretty clearly was not talking about" giving money to other groups. Brown has been aggressively urging unions and other groups to donate money to help offset the millions of dollars that Whitman and rival GOP candidate Steve Poizner have committed to spend on the campaign.

Ah, Clifford, even unions have limits on what they can donate directly, but what they spend on their own for liberals and Democrats is well documented. Embarrassingly so.

"Meg Whitman's claims are completely false and without any basis in fact," Clifford said. "Not content to buy the airwaves and bully her primary opponent, Whitman and her attack-dog consultants are trying to shut out the voices of working Californians."

Nice dodge Clifford. Yeah, it's normal for you to call your opponent a liar without saying it, then accuse them of something mean and untrue. Plus, how is Whitman bullying her opponent and why do you care except to get your mug in the news, and how is she or her consultants trying to shut out the voices of working Californians? Where was that asked? Are you suggesting that only Brown voters work?

Many of the Laborers' International local unions have donated directly to Brown's campaign. In his speech, Brown thanked them for being "very generous, but we've got to keep it coming."

Thanking, bowing and scrapping for dollars. Jerry, your slip is showing.

No contributions from the labor group have appeared in the coffers of any independent committees attacking Whitman, according to the official campaign finance database at the California secretary of state's office. But state campaign laws do not require disclosure of such contributions until later this month.

Even after a month the unions will report as little as possible in direct contributions and will go all ACORN with paper groups, subsidiaries and shell groups to hide donations and expenditures..

California election law states contributions to independent expenditure committees may not be "made in concert with, or at the request or suggestion of, the candidate on whose behalf, or for whose benefit, the expenditure is made, or any controlled committee or any agent of the candidate."

Oh, that will just scare Jerry and the unions right to death.

Unions, Obama groups, Demo 527s, environmental groups, liberal/progressive groups, groups funded by foreigners and all the other wackjob groups wil attack the Republican candidate. Then attack more. Then smear. Then lie. And probably go postal.

"Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown California."

Watching Health Care Reform And The Progressive Movement Bend And Break Themselves

Over reach and the voter do not often mix well.

Some speak of HCR as a Pyrrhic victory for the progressive and socialist wings of the Democratic Party. At least so. Think Antonio de Papua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez Lebrón, aka Santa Anna who believed he could destroy his enemy with the battle of the Alamo at San Antonio de Bexar. He won the battle, but lost the war and lost his empire.

But when one wins a battle, not just by destroying the enemy, but also the allies, well, then the war is truly lost.

House Democrats feeling the heat over health care
“We’re having donors, even donors outside of our district, that are being called and asked to urge support” for the bill, said a senior aide to one conservative Democrat, who indicated the tactics could backfire on the health care bill. “If you want to play Chicago-style politics, and that’s what this is, then we will come out firmly against it.”

The aide also targeted the Democratic National Committee, where Vice Chairwoman Donna Brazile used her Twitter account to encourage primary challenges to Democrats who vote against the bill.

“If a handful of Democrats decide to defeat this bill, they deserve to get a primary challenge to defend the status quo and insurance industry,” Brazile tweeted.

The White House said no one there is telling donors to call members, and Brazile later clarified that she wasn’t speaking for the DNC.

Nonetheless, the comments fueled frustration among moderate Democrats who believe their party is working against them.

Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Democrat's ObamaCare

The wonderful Left of the country have been reduced to talking about "right wing" heads exploding and long marches to a societal vision of wonderment being built by Obama/Pelosi/Reid (and of course Dennis Kucinich) all because of the smoke and mirrors of health care reform legislation not being voted on for passage in Congress.

New Poll Finds Americans Really, Really Do Not Want ObamaCare

Even as voters tell Congress not to pass this power and tax grab by government, HCR's supporters plead, beg and cry for wavering representatives to "keep standing by us, not the insurance companies." I guess they are unable to understand that whole "will of the people" thing.

Talk about exploding heads....

Drunk: Irish Need Not Apply

Happy Saint Valentine's Day. People thought my father Irish. He wasn't.

I'm Welsh, at least on my father's side, who had exactly one Irish ancestor who was named Cecelia McGuire and was "kidnapped" in Ireland at age 14 to become a wife in America. Cecelia birthed 22 children, but only 6 survived into adulthood. Her husband, David my 2nd great grandfather, only called her "meGirl" and was quite older than Cecelia. When Cecelia died young, David said (documented), "I'll meet you soon MeGirl," took to his bed and promptly died with a weepy smile on his face. Neither drank, cheated or lied, though it is said David gave up those things plus gambling when he married Cecelia. They educated their kids, took care of the poor and the sick and fought to preserve the Union from then until now.

My mother's family known to be sturdy Scots and Prussians had many more Irish hanging tough in the family tree. Those Irish made peace with Chief of the Powhatan, Opechancanough, one married Princess Nicketti who was a niece to Makoita (Pocahontas), others founded Richmond, Virginia, commanded the artillery at Yorktown and built a family empire that covered Goochland, Cumberland and most of present day West Virginia and a lot of Ohio. They married well, worked hard and taught their children well enough to attend the best colleges of the day and founded a few more with the intent that all could get an education. They didn't drink, cheat or lie. They fought to preserve their state and their world in the War of Northern Aggression and then they fought to preserve America in every war since. Their word and character were their bond. Their bond was worth its weight in gold.

They never celebrated Saint Valentine's Day except to pray. I don't believe there is a sign on the Gates of Heaven stating, "Irish need not apply."

421 Days Of Obama Costs $2 Trillion And 8.5 Million Jobs Lost

National Debt Up $2 Trillion on Obama's Watch

It took Bush II four years to even come close to the Obama spending spree, but then Bush II didn't nationalize banks, auto companies and every other business or industry he could make his own.

Part of Obama's spending spree has been directed towards jobs for Americans, but so far the jobs have gone overseas and here in the US have fallen 8.5 million jobs short giving us an unemployment rate of about 16.8%.

These are the geniuses that want to nationalize health care fo our benefit. Uh-oh.

Dennis The Menace Kucinich Bought For A Plane Ride


Kucinich switches healthcare vote
Kucinich traveled with Obama aboard Air Force One this week to the president's appearance at a campaign-styled pitch in Ohio for the healthcare legislation which the House is near approving, if leaders can hold a razor-thin vote.

Dennis must have really liked the gift. That Obama, he's a cagey one.

Will Zack Space Represent His Constituents Or Pelosi?

Undecided? Is Zack a slow learner?

Space undecided how he'll vote on reform bill

I guess if Zack can vote to cost jobs and raise taxes on his constituents with his vote for Cap and Trade, he'll have no problem with Pelosi's and Reid's ObamaCare.

If Zack understood the term "representative democracy" or republic he wouldn't still be undecided. Maybe not, he doesn't seem too interested in what his constituents want or don't want.

Maybe Pelosi offers a better benefit.

PC Movies-Popcorn Bad, Granola Bars And Prune Juice Good

I really can't imagine anything better than going to a movie theater to watch the Hurt Locker or Braveheart and have the opportunity to eat granola bars and yogurt and wash it all down with prune juice.

Sony chairman Michael Lynton calls for healthy alternative to popcorn in cinemas

Maybe the theater will have rent-a-mommies to caution us about eating healthy, to cover our eyes at the really bad parts and to make sure our Dr Denton's are buttoned and comfy.

That's what William Wallace would want. Us all safe and warm in the bask of cinematic love.