Sunday, October 02, 2011

Obama Spreads Lie About Mean Republican Booing Gay Soldier

Those Republicans sure are mean, right? Obama is beside himself that all of the Republican candidates on the stage for the debate didn't stop all those mean Republicans because he has sooooo much respect for our soldiers.

We don't believe in standing silent when that happens. We don't believe in them being silent since. You want to be Commander-in-Chief? You can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States, even when it's not politically convenient.

Scads of mean Republicans rabidly and loudly booing a soldier for asking his question via satellite, right? Er, no and Obama knows it. The media knows it as well as their bobbing talking head know it.

I was at the debate, in the audience on the right hand side about halfway back (here's my tweet of the video screen that was right in front of us). The person who booed was just a few rows in front of us. The booing got an immediate and angry reaction from nearly everyone sitting around him, who hissed and shushed at him. Lots of loud gasps, "Shhhh!" "No!" "Shut up, you idiot!" etc.

I wonder if Obama sat silently as he listened to his personal and beloved Pastor Jeremiah is a Bullfrog, Wright?

Sheppard’s Cottage

Alinsky At Home, Cloward-Pieven South Of The Border, Same Goal

To use any means to make the United States of America a progressive, ie socialist, nation.

The murder-for-hire scheme the Obama administration has employed in Fast And Furious, the ATF/WH gun running scheme, is one of the most calculated political power ploy ever used in America. Murder for votes.

The gains Obama & Co. seem to be seeking come in three flavors. Ranked in order of time-criticality from their POV, they are most likely:

1. Short-term: Increased illegal immigration from Mexico as people attempt to flee the increasing violence (allowing them to push the DREAM Act through, and “stacking the deck” in the next election via ACORN and SEIU);
2. Medium-term: Propaganda for tighter gun laws (possibly enacted by Executive Order, bypassing the Congress);
3. Long-term: Legalization of “recreational drugs,” helped by a “drug friendly” Mexican government, influenced by if not overtly controlled by the drug cartels.

I strongly suspect that (3) is the ultimate objective, with (1) and (2) being seen (at least by Obama & Co.) as “stepping-stones” to attaining it.

Some believe that the Obama administration cannot sink any lower. I do and I think we are only seeing the tip of the degradation that this administration is visiting on our nation and people. The ATF is covering up the murder of their own agents while this administration is allowing illegal aliens to not only live here illegally, but to bribe them into the Democrat fold as voters and Obama's Holder uses the Department of Justice to cover for all of them. Morally, ethically and legally this is a common criminal organization.