Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACORN, Prostitution And Your Tax Dollars

ACORN is back in the news with ways for a potential Baltimore brothel to skirt tax laws, get loans for a house in which the owners can import underage Honduran girls and use them as prostitutes. How? Keep them in school! ACORN institutes a Honor Roll Whores program!

Chaos for Glory

ACORN gets, with Democrat's and Obama's help, billions of dollars in our tax money to subvert the electoral process. Why are we allowing this?

Breaking the law is an ACORN standard, but their subversion of the law and the assistance they give others to do the same is an everyday process and goal of the group. Why not, they're Socialists which makes the like of Obama and Pelosi happy.

UPDATE: The underage girls were to come from El Salvadore, not Honduras.