Sunday, January 09, 2011

Jerrold Nadler Best Constitution Scholar Evah!

Jerrold, our bon vivant about town and from the scholarly climes of truth versus the idiotic said that the reading of the Constitution was ritualistic, ergo wrong, appears to be neither a scholar nor a knowledgeable person. Surprising? Nah.

I stole this shamelessly from The Coalition of the Swilling. It's what I envision if Jerrold was asked to quote that which he studied with Talmudic intensity which he claims he has done. Jerrold is a fool and a buffoon. But who didn't know that, eh?

ASPCA And Saccharin Overkill

I like watching home improvement shows so I can see what I should be doing if I actually got off the couch. Watching these programs one gets used to being indoctrinated by agendas not yours such as the preponderance of gay couples fixing up their houses and that all husbands are dolts. Very few of these episodes show people with pets.

So why is ASPCA flooding these shows with their ads? The ads show wounded hurting animals with sad eyes in cages that are cold and hard as musical artists like Willie Nelson and  Lilith Fair's reigning queen of emotionalism, Sarah McLachlan wail in the background to put you in the right mood to cry as you grab the phone to give away all your money to the ASPCA.

The ads play more than the ambulance chasing mesothelioma lawyer ads. They play constantly and to the point I have to stop watching and actually go do some home improvement.

I hate the ads. I detest them.

We have three dogs, all of which were abused, which we love to death and they are happy and feeling quite the family members. As I write I am surrounded by them peacefully snoring away. Well, Minnie has her right rear leg going with a yelp now and then, but with a smile.

Maybe, instead of trying to help animals or raise funds the ASPCA is trying to get gay couples and stupid husbands to adopt pets. Whatever the case Willie and Sarah are out of my music library and the ASPCA won't get another thought let alone any shekels of mine. They make sleazy lawyers and used car dealer ads showing salesmen jumping out of helicopters wearing Superman outfits look classy.