Thursday, January 03, 2008

Who Is Major Garret? Was His Mother Captain Garret?

Huckabee seems to have won. Actually, Ed Rollins has won. This man wins, but he is backing the wrong horse.

Huckabee will go down. Hard.

Internet Polls, Straw Polls, Anybody's Poll Wrong. Ron Paul Won!!!!!!

There is still an outside chance. I'll hold my breath until 9:11.

Iowa Is here

For many people the campaigning for president is already tiresome. Many, including family, expressed over the holidays that they couldn't care less about all "those losers". More than few expressed their displeasure with the candidates, both Reps and Dems. Ah-hem.

If you don't like the candidates, too bad. Unless you are a complete and total moron waiting for the estimatable Michael Bloomberg to jump in, these are the candidates you have to choose from. What, your brilliant Uncle Freebus, who you Aunt thought was the smartest man on the planet, ain't running this cycle? I feel for you. Really. I don't.

Good luck to all of tonight's candidates

Thompson's Staying In Sez Galen So Shudda Your Face

Team Fred Strongly Denies... [Byron York]
Good morning from Des Moines. I just got off the phone with Rich Galen, a top adviser to Fred Thompson, and it would be an understament to say that he is strongly denying the Politico
story reporting that Thompson "will drop out of the race within days if he finishes poorly in Thursday's caucus.

"The story cites "several Republican officials close to Fred Thompson's presidential campaign." Galen told me, "I'm a Republican official in the Thompson campaign, and I'm denying it." Galen also said that no one inside the campaign was a source for the story. "I can't put enough adjectives in front of the 'deny' to accurately describe how vehemently I'm denying the story," he said.

Galen said that "just to make sure," he checked with Thompson himself, who told him the story was not true. "We have the schedule for Saturday and Sunday in New Hampshire, and then we're going down to South Carolina," Galen told me.

If Rich Galen says it is snowing in hell, I'd make sure my boots and gloves are on. I mean if I ever had reason to be there.


Painfully Distorted Medical News

Lies, damned lies, and statistics or how to use accurate data for inaccurate conclusions. In short, how to use numbers to lie.

Free drug samples go to wealthy and insured

Insured patients go to doctors while the uninsured go to clinics and the emergency room. Pharma reps usually don't hang out at clinics and emergency rooms. Coincidence? I think not.

As for the wealthy, I guess if you use the liberal definition of wealthy, then yes, the wealthy get most of the samples if being wealthy is defined as those with a job.

Read the story and pay close attention to the cherry-picked stats. This story is a classic.

Painfully Obvious Medical News

Happiness may be good for your health

In a study of nearly 3,000 healthy British adults, lead by Dr. Andrew Steptoe of University College London, found that those who reported upbeat moods had lower levels of cortisol -- a "stress" hormone that, when chronically elevated, may contribute to high blood pressure, abdominal obesity and dampened immune function, among other problems.

Now if researchers can work on the evidence that frivolous taxation stress is harmful to health so we can finally slap the final warning language on the side of the capitol dome and slap the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of House upside their hollow little heads.

The Not So "Great Society", Dem Caucuses And Economic Ruin

January 4, 1965 - In his State of the Union Address, President Lyndon Johnson describes his "Great Society" program, which includes a “War on Poverty,” laws promoting racial justice, health care funding for the elderly and the needy, urban renewal, and federal aid to schools.

It is appropriate that the anniversary of the start of a massive Democrat failure costing taxpayers billions of dollars while leaving those that were to be helped worse off, falls almost on the day of the next generation of Democrats taking part in the Iowa Caucus. The Clinton twins alone could cost billions more in their version of socialized medicine. John Edwards, as a solo act, is a one-man economic wrecking ball and Obama is learning how to pander to voters using our tax dollars at an impressive rate.

Let us all raise our glasses to the "Great Society" and Lyndon Baines Johnson's failure. Together, they almost cost America its soul, all so LBJ could build his legacy much as the current crop of losers are attempting. God save us.

As to LBJ's legacy, public education stinks, urban renewal ravaged cities large and small, the cost of medical care has skyrocketed while the quality has sunk and whole new forms of racism have been codified into law nationwide. Way to go Lyndon, you smuck.

Old joke: Why did LBJ call his daughter Linda Bird? He couldn't be that unkind to dogs.

Fred Thompson's Beliefs Are Compelling

From The Corner:

Fred Thompson, Reagan Conservative
Only Thompson has a true conservative platform to defend life, liberty and American sovereignty. Only Thompson is advancing a compelling program for economic growth by controlling entitlement spending, unleashing innovation and making the American Dream real for every taxpayer. Only Thompson is committed to strengthening both our military and our intelligence and rallying the country for what must be a protracted struggle against jihadism.

I do agree.