Thursday, March 25, 2010

Democrats Terrified

that the stories they are pushing about coffins, threats, etc will fall off the front page and they will have to return to defending a legislative agenda that the country doesn't want. Actually, an agenda that the country highly disapproves of.

HCR: Employing The Media To Justify Each And Every Tax Increase

Tanning beds. Never used one. My neice did. She didn't seem darker, but somebody's pocket got lighter for it. I got paid for my tan by working the county roads, farms, life guarding and crewing on boats.

Add 10%. For tanning. For your health. For our health. For the health of a nation. Oh, and for the government.

Upon being whistled for, the media is all over this. Harry Smith and the Early Show (I'm watching) crew are beside themselves as they parade statistics, doctors and victims across the screen. Tanning is bad. Bad. Tax it. Now. Just add it to the cost of bad parenting. As it should be, eh? Bad parents, sit!

I hope the media gets its normal bone plus a treat. They deserve it for all the tricks they'll do for the admistration, like roll over, sing upon command and not bark when ordered. Obama promised transparency and this is pretty transparent. Their need trumps our desire everytime because they know best. Plus, they want the money.

Shut up, it's good for you.