Monday, January 22, 2007

Troop stabbing freedom haters

I have worked in politics for many years. I have always defended politicians when the usual moron makes a sweeping statement like "they're all crooks" which they are not. Most serve honorably, some with great distinction and some dishonorably, both Republican and Democrat.

I believe some of the darkest days, politically speaking, occur during wars. Groups and politicians undermined Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis simultaneously. There were fifth columnists during World War II and Korea. I believe many politicians should have been punished severely during Vietnam as they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory condemning millions of Asians to murder and death.

Most of these occurrences happened on one side of the aisle. I am deeply ashamed that this is now occurring in my side of the aisle and by (little c) conservative (little r) republicans. I wrote about this here. It is getting worse.

This is just the beginning of the War on Terror. Instead of pandering to the press, worrying about their miserable re-election or worse yet, not understanding the gravity of the situation, these miserable little hacks should instead be speaking to the seriousness of the threat to our country, the United States of America and, to freedom itself. They should be supporting the goals of our troops in the field, not just drooling pablum about supporting the troops. Leave that worthless crap to the poster party for drool across the aisle.

Time to grow up kids. Islamofascists mean to kill us and you're helping them. You bring up Vietnam, sit cow-eyed as you listen to every fool that has an axe to grind, including retired generals and Congressmen, and you look for every convenient exit as you proclaim your deep concern so seriously. You all disgust me to my very core.

I say throw them out of office. Not just for being against freedom, but for being imbeciles. Yes, I will apologize to imbeciles for the slight at a later date.

Chuck Hagel
Ben Nelson
Gordon Smith
Susan Collins
Norm Coleman
Sam Brownback
John Warner

Saint Margaret's Hospital

My backyard responds to Hugo Chavev's "Go to Hell, Gringo" statement

34 years ago today

January 22, 1973

By a 7-2 vote, the Supreme Court strikes down state laws prohibiting abortion in its landmark Roe v. Wade decision. 1973

With friends like this...

The tapas has barely been served and the normally uninvited guests were already criticizing the yet to be served main course. Of course, among these “new” guests, the defeatists are complaining that there is probably no desert nor aperitif planned, snidely referring to that barbecue party where only beer had been served. Or so they had heard.

For this party, with the “good flatware”, the host better have a plan to stuff their fat sated asses in their own cars, turn the ignition on and tuck them into their own beds.

The frequent guests, invited for their normally intelligent conversation and wit, have decided to impress the new comers by joining in with comments questioning the kitchen staff planning and whether this whole soiree was planned correctly.

Personally, I would tell the bastards off and leave them to stare at empty plates and a defeated evening. Me, I would round up those who remember what such evenings are all about and set out to make it a success.

Alas, it isn’t my soiree, so I just sit and watch the bounders and cads destroy what is good. Maybe I’ll go help in the kitchen. They seem more to my liking. Toiling in the heat and noise, they are skillfully completing their tasks without comment concerning their opinionated de jour “betters” in the front hall.

Maybe I will really ruin this fine soiree and be remembered as the one that tossed a turd in the punchbowl because I reminded them that they could stop their smug bitching, start remembering the purpose of the evening and even lend a hand toward its success.

I hate Saturday night catfights and Monday morning whiners. Everybody is a critic. Even those who can only burn toast.

They sound so. liberal.