Friday, November 30, 2007

Islam/Muslims; Fascists, Dupes and Manipulators

First, this is about the innocent naming of a teddy bear. The British teacher appears to have knowledge of Islam, but felt there was no problem. This means a non-Muslim or infidel, which is the word that gets Islamofascists all excited in wrong ways, could be beaten or murdered for a mistake. That's not a religion, it's a recipe for a sadomasochistic abattoir of lust violence marketed as religion.

Second, this is about a government manipulating a population of citizens into prostituting their religion to make a political statement.

How sad is that.
Teacher Hidden As Sudan Mob Urges Death
Chants of "Kill her!" and "No tolerance: Execution!" rang out as hundreds of police in riot gear stood by, keeping the crowd contained but not moving against the rally.

Protesters dismissed Gibbons' claims that she didn't mean to insult the prophet.

"It is a premeditated action, and this unbeliever thinks that she can fool us?" said Yassin
Mubarak, a young dreadlocked man swathed in green and carrying a sword. "What she did requires her life to be taken."

Several hundred protesters marched to Unity High School, where Gibbons worked, and
chanted outside briefly before heading toward the nearby British Embassy. They were stopped by security forces two blocks from the embassy. The protest dispersed after an hour.

"I would like to tell the whole world that what happened here from this English teacher is not acceptable to us," said a protester, Sheikh Nasser Abu Shamah.

There was no overt sign that the government organized the protest, but such a public rally could not have taken place without at least official assent.

Gibbons was sentenced Thursday to 15 days in jail and deportation for insulting Islam with the naming of the teddy bear, which was part of a class project for her 7-year-old students at the private school.

There are those that believe she should be murdered, those that chant murder just because and then there is a government that manipulates them all. Really, again, how sad is that?

"Ruh-row, Raggy"

Calling Dan Rather

I mean knowledge not required and Dan has no reverence for anything. Granted he's not hip, but as Meatloaf says, "two outta three ain't bad".
CBS Seeking 'Irreverent,' 'Hip' Journalist for Eco-Beat (No Knowledge Required)
Job advertisement seeking 'wicked smart, funny, irreverent and hip, oozing
enthusiasm and creative energy.'

“CBS is expanding its coverage of the environment,” the ad reads. “We
seek a talented reporter/host for Internet video broadcast. We are looking for
smart, creative, hard working up and comers, who can bring great energy,
creativity and a dash of humor to our coverage. A deep interest in the
environment and sustainability issues will serve you well.”

So you would think such a job would require a science background or years of covering environmental news? Not exactly.

While seeking out the dark heart of the contrived tepid weather core settling o'er the globe, Dan could lower the brim on his fedora, flip up the collar of his London Fog and tighten the knot of his coat belt. He'd be stealthier than a wealthy wife being where she ain't supposed to be. He'd be on this story like stink on a hound dog baying in the rain. He'd dig deeper than a well digger dyin' of thirst. He'd,...well you get the idea.

Fits Danno to a tee. Come on, give him one more last chance.

Impeach Yourselves Morons

Jame Taranto say it all. And better than I could. Go read and laugh.

Assault on the Constitution

Joe, you kidder, you.

AJC & Spelman College or MSM & Colleges Race To Turn Back The Clock

Race, gender come to forefront of presidential race

The dozen or so Spelman College women had come together in a basement classroom, after hours, to hash over a choice unimaginable just a few generations back.

Fliers posted across campus summed up the thrust of their conversation: "Should you vote for Barack Obama because of your race, or should you vote for Hillary Clinton because you are a woman?" . . .

Desiree Pedescleaux, associate professor of political science at Spelman, said the majority of black women in Atlanta will vote for Obama because of their strong identification with race.

She says some black women may support Clinton because of deep admiration or because they view her as the Democratic candidate most likely to succeed. But on an emotional level, Pedescleaux argues, race will trump gender.

"When an African-American woman walks into a room, what do most people see first?" she asked. "They see race. They see her as black before she is a woman."

In a magnificent show of "screw you" to Martin Luther King who said:
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

How many decades and assassinations, of hope and death, just got shot down the crapper? How many whites in general and how many white males specifically now get a "get out of jail" card and the right to say, "I told you the whole equality this was full of crap. It nothing more and always was nothing more than a free pass and for what, cause your skin or your skirt? Bull".

Looking at that front page, reading what they said and feeling the effects of "equality" in our society, I feel sick. Now, think how those that truly fought, not pontificated, but fought for equality, must feel.

You best believe you should be relieved that Ol' Nat Turner ain't here abouts.