Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fiscal Conservatives VS Social Conservatives?

When Are We Law Abiding/Tax Paying Citizens Going To Stand Up To the Loud Lunatic Fringe Taking Over America?
I'm sick of hearing that I as a Christian and conservative am the shame of my party who wants to ram morality down the country's throat because I oppose abortion, gay marriage and partial term abortion. Even as the name of God is eradicated from every public arena on every courthouse, in every school and every public discourse and the agenda of a woman's right to choose to abort through the 9 (!) month of pregnancy is a policy our new president supports I shrink back? No way. I'm getting angry and staying angry about this. I hope you will too.

This is what we need to do. Though it is not just the left fringe we need to fight back against.

There are those, who are mathematically challenged, amongst Republicans that believe they can win without social conservatives. Obama didn't win Ohio as much as McCain lost Ohio because those social conservatives that voted for Bush in 2004 didn't come out for McCain. The base of the Republican Party, social conservatives, didn't pull that lever. They had no reason to.

The same people that say the party needs to marginalize social conservatism, also say we need to look outside our traditional base and focus on just being fiscally conservative. Again, their math doesn't stand. How can one be fiscally conservative when one can't do the basic math of vote counting? I suppose that is why we need all those extra government bureaucrats, so they can count. They must now be doing the math the same way they did the math for the last election. McCain tried the outside our traditional base thing, but apparently it didn't work out so well. Democrats may have a base that can be bought for a few government trinkets, but no fiscal conservative could even ethically think this way and social conservatives cannot be bought. Their beliefs are their life and government is a necessary evil which should be chained and suppressed.

The math also tells us that we lost fiscal conservatives as well. Many of them are now saying they want to form third parties. We lost them because our elected republicans forgot to be Republican when they started spending like drunken bums using our money to build 'bridges to nowhere' and getting buildings named after themselves just like the Democrats they had become. Third party math is just as bad as the little 'r' republican math. Third parties are exactly what the now in power liberals want on our side. Divide and conquer.

Another cry I hear, which liberals love to gloat over, is that younger demographic groups won't vote for social conservative candidates. That is not true. They will vote for those they trust and believe in. Younger Republican or conservative voters will not vote for hypocrites nor those they feel are pandering to them. If they are not moved to support a candidate they will just stay home or, in some cases, they will react to peer pressure and vote for the opponent. Why would these voters vote for 'fiscally conservative' Republicans that are spending like power drunk liberals? They have seen the hypocricy and they shunned it the same way they'd shun a lecture on sobriety from a parent downing their 3rd martini for the evening.

So, how about we frame the argument properly. Without their base Republicans cannot win. It may be that much money comes from the 'only fiscally conservatives', but it is the socially conservative, i.e., socially responsible and active, base that not only gives money, but also knocks on doors, mans the phone banks, fills campaigns with volunteers, completes the GOTV and talks to friends and family to network for candidates. Besides, why would anyone think they are mutually distinct groups. All of the social conservatives I speak to are also fiscal conservatives, but not all fiscal conservatives are social conservatives.

The argument should be why haven't fiscal conservatives fully embraced social/fiscal conservatives to lead our nation back to prosperity and strength? Oh, and to win elections.

The base of the Republican Party is the social conservative movement, so actually it is just few party leaders trying to cover their butts for screwing up. Without social conservatives the Republican Party is just a group of country club people who will stay in the political wilderness for years.

The next four years are going to be trying times for conservatives. Especially amongst themselves. Unite and win or be divided and conquered. It is our children's future that we are abandoning or protecting. Your choice, but if you can't unite against Pelosi, Obama and Reid, you're not a conservative. You're a moron.

President Of The United States Of America, George Soros?

I wrote about Podest's Soros' group, the Center for American Progress (CAP), which seemingly rose from nothing to be a powerful player in just 5 years Here. Soros is making sure his vision of what America should look like domestically will be coordinated through his CAP.

Along comes another group with tentacles reaching down into the most horrific and anti-freedom places on earth to find friends and allies, The International Crisis Group (ICG). Yes, it is another George Soros funded group and it appears that while CAP is giving Obama direction domestically, ICG is giving direction in international matters and national security.

Obama’s One-Stop Shop for Foreign Policy Advisers
The ICG is formally based in Brussels but has offices around the world (Washington, D.C., of course, is a major office). These offices are prominent in various “hot spots” in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East since the stated mission of the group is “conflict resolution.” Indeed, the group might be considered a proto-State Department. It has a roster of foreign policy analysts who travel throughout the world, meeting with political and other leaders to try to bring about “change.”

This group also has ties to Barack Obama. One of its major donors is prominent Obama supporter George Soros, who received a “Founders Award” from the ICG. He also serves on its board and executive committee. Indeed, the ICG was founded by former UN official Mark Malloch Brown, whose involvement in the oil-for-food scandal and close ties to George Soros were controversial enough to merit editorials in the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets.

What will Biden do with all of this expertise telling Obama what to do? There are only so many funerals he can attend. This makes Joe Biden superfluous in a way even Joe hasn't been able to accomplish prior to being elected to the Vice Presidency.

It also appears that this "change" Obama is about to embark on also makes the American voter superfluous.