Friday, January 14, 2011

$5 Gas. When Will Our Congress Support US?


It really does seem that Congress is purposely trying to hurt us and kill our country. I'm pretty sure that was not the intended purpose of Congress by our founders.

Stop the bans. Lift the restrictions. On oil, on gas, on coal and on nuclear power. The United States could be the energy powerhouse of the world creating jobs, a better economy and better lives, but no, Congress can't have that.

Why isn't Congress supporting us and the US? Shouldn't they?

Most Stupid Idea Of The Year

Bipartisan seating in Congress for the State of the Union.

GOP leader endorses bipartisan seating at State of the Union

Enough with this symbolic crap. Start by repealing health care reform, Cap and Trade, the Stimulus and others. That's where bipartisanship should begin.

Partisanship is good. That's why Democrats are afraid of it.

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Rio San Moise, Venice

Those Environmentalist Kill Another Town Again

I say "those" because there is a majority of people that love their environment and then there are those that hate other people's environment. "Those" environmentalists destroy in the name of good and smugly go back to their huge offices to gather their electronic "needs", drive their cars home and sip wine before eating an expensive environmentally "safe" dinner.

Not so in the Sharples area of West Virginia.

Area coal industry leaders, lawmakers react to EPA mine permit revocation

“the Obama administration and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson are addressing the importance of environmental justice in Appalachia and taking steps to begin protecting these communities,” according to a press release issued by Earthjustice.

Justice? Right. Justice would be if these credentialed know-nothings were made to live, actually live, and work in the areas they smugly control through government decree rulings from their puppets in unnecessary departments of government such as the EPA.

President Obama is now being ruled by the monster he empowered and enlarged, called the bureaucracy, as they slap not just him, but also citizens, in the face by making him a liar. In the not too distant past the president had this to say:

“Five miles into a mountain. The only light, the lamp on their caps. Day after day they would burrow into the coal. The fruits of their labor that so often we take for granted. The electricity that lights up a convention center; that lights up our church or our home our school our office. The energy that powers our country. The energy that powers the world."

Not now. The energy that powers the world is being crushed by mere bureaucrats and naive and ignorant extremists groups like Earth Justice. A statement of purpose from Earth Justice on the ruling:

Although we are grateful for the EPA’s action today, EPA must follow through by vetoing the scores of other Corps permits that violate the Clean Water Act and that would allow mountaintop mines to lay waste to our mountains and streams.”

So, by government fiat Earth Justice wants to crush projects all over Appalachia. Just as these groups have done in the Western parts of North America they now want to include Appalachia in a system of protected areas that already include over 1/3 of the entire land mass of the United States of America. That is 1/3 of our land that not only forbids our energy future, but also is under the complete control of government. That control means that for a fee a citizen might enjoy the land for a few minutes, but they cannot produce, nor can they live, on that land. That is not only theft by government on individuals, but also theft that robs all of our citizens as the land stays fallow.

These anti-societal groups envision a land mass called the Appalachian National Park that citizens can gaze at, but not touch. The citizens will do so from cold homes which offer no comfort for the unemployed and those devastated by a ruined economy, but what will Earth Justice care? They will still have jobs in cramped expensive urban cores where they live because we will still pay through our taxes their salaries so they can mete out more "justice."

That will bring comfort to the people of Sharples.
A deserted house on a military range, Denmark.