Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Says:........NADA And Doesn't Say It Too Well This Evening

Babblin' Barack did just that, babbled.

Barack's teleprompter guy must have been caught in traffic unable to get the script to Barack Iraq on time.

Barack's best lines this evening are, uh, ah, uh, er, well, ah, uh, (point finger), uh, a, (raise eye brow), (grin) and then he hit his stride when he remembered his memorized script near the end about education and he was able to use his own wonderful experience of being a parent who is always home and never at work. Yeah, that's it, Barack has been there every night with Michelle doing the homework, doing the sports and making sure that his neighbor's kids will get a good education.

Yeah, that's Obama.

Unfortunately, debate 3 was once again on Obama's turf. His theme and his lies, but his debate none the less.

McCain needed more.

Joe Biden Lines Family Pockets With $2 Million Political Bucks

Paper: Biden Routes $2 Million in Campaign Cash to Family...

Jabberin' Joe lines his pockets with campaign cash to his family members, their businesses and employers over the years and gets sweet heart house deals, but all the media see is a regular Joe who takes the train home to Baltimore each night. So what. I did the same train ride and it was fun and relaxing at night and it gave me extra time to prepare in the morning.

It's like getting kudos for kissing your kids goodnight.

Joe, just like Obama, isn't part of any change it's unless he's groveling for it on the carpet of the Senate hall. This is just another example of it.

This guy is so cheap and greedy he picks up face down pennies and spit cleans them.

Mugger Murtha Sez Slandering Marines a Good Thing

UPDATE AT TOP: Via Gateway Pundit (who has a good post about this);
You can donate to Murtha's opponent Republican William Russell, who lost a son in Iraq, Here. I just made a contribution and you should do so as well. Now.


Jack Murtha is defending his back stabbing remarks about U. S. Marines by saying his lies are the reason for our nearing victory in Iraq. Now, with Barack's help, Mugger wants to do the same for Afghanistan.

Murtha warns Obama on Afghanistan
U.S. Rep. John Murtha stands by a controversial remark he made previously that U.S. Marines killed women and children "in cold blood" in Haditha, Iraq, in November 2005.

The blunt description changed how American troops engaged Iraqis and improved overall conditions in the war, Murtha, an 18-term Democrat from Johnstown, said today during a wide-ranging interview with Tribune-Review reporters and editors.

"There are all kinds of things that have happened that have made a difference, but one of the big differences is that we are not bullying our way through like we used to," said Murtha, a former Marine and decorated Vietnam combat veteran. "The rules of engagement are clear -- and it's changed. One of the things that has made it better in Iraq is we are no longer just breaking down doors."

"It's my obligation to speak out. I try everything I can to get things done," Murtha said.
A former Marine involved in the Haditha incident has sued Murtha for slander, saying in a federal lawsuit that his reputation was damaged by the congressman's televised comments in May 2006.

Military prosecutors have said 24 Iraqis, including women and children, were killed in Haditha on Nov. 19, 2005, after one Marine died and two others were wounded by a roadside bomb.
Former Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt, 24, of Canonsburg, who filed the lawsuit, initially was charged with three counts of premeditated murder but was exonerated after a full investigation and a hearing. He was honorably discharged last year.

Four enlisted Marines, including Sharratt, originally were charged for their roles in the killings, and four officers were charged in connection with the investigation. One officer was acquitted and charges have since been dropped against everyone else except Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, whose case is pending. Wuterich sued Murtha for defamation in 2006. That lawsuit is pending.
In his lawsuit, Sharratt accuses Murtha of saying Marines "overreacted because of the pressure on them and killed innocent civilians in cold blood."

Murtha told the Tribune-Review he doesn't consider that language overly strident, although all the accused but one have been cleared. Officials conducting the investigation and the Naval Criminal Investigation Service "came up with the same conclusion I did," Murtha said.

Murtha doesn't consider calling troops cold blooded murderers, thus criminals, "overly strident."

On the positive side, Murtha is only calling the people in Western Pennsylvania racists. That's real improvement for a loser like Murtha.

Damn Gore & His Global Warming

Parts of California see coldest temps since 1893...
Cold temps in Oregon break 118-year-old record...
Alaska glaciers grew this year, thanks to colder weather...

Well, actually we have to blame Sarah Palin for the Alaska part. I mean everything else up there is her fault, especially the ignorance of climate versus weather thing that she secretly had banned from all the libraries.

Obama, Pelosi & Biden Money Printing Plan


Pelosi Planning New $300 Billion Stimulus Package...PAPER: Obama's first 100 days start early...

Paper: Biden Routes $2 Million in Campaign Cash to Family...

Mysterious $2300 Obama campaign donation appears on credit card statement...

Michelle Obama: "Support Africans and African-American view” Or You're A Racist

If true, Michelle just became iceberg to Obama's Titanic.

Shocking development: Mrs Obama decides enough is enough: “My husband was born in Hawaii and adopted by his step father, does that make him unpatriotic; she asks”, on a direct telephone to API.
Posted by africanpress on October 15, 2008

Accusing API of colluding with American internet bloggers in an effort to bring down her husband, Mrs Obama said she decided to call API because of what she termed, API’s help to spread rumours created by American bloggers and other racist media outlets in their efforts to damage a black man’s name, saying she hopes African Media was mature enough to be in the front to give unwavering support to her husband, a man Africans should identify themselves with.

When API told her that our online news media was only relaying what the American Bloggers and other media outlets had discovered through their investigations, Mrs Obama was angered and she came out loud with the following: “African press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view,” and she went to state that, “it is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband. There is no shame in being adopted by a step father. All dirt has been thrown onto my husband’s face and yet he loves this country. My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, just because some American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband’s adoption by His step father. The important thing here is where my husband’s heart is at the moment. I can tell the American people that My husband loves this country and his adoption never changed his love for this country. He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner; says Michelle Obama on telefon to API.”

This is a very interesting turn of events. The American man Dr Corsi was recently reported to have been arrested in Kenya because there was fear that he might reveal information on Obama when he wanted to hold a press conference in Nairobi.

The question now is why he was arrested and who ordered his arrest. Was Obama’s hand in this in any way? We will never know the truth but what is clear is that Dr Corsi was seen as a threat while in Kenya.

When API asked Mrs Obama to comment on why Dr Corsi was arrested by the Kenyan government and whether she thought Kenya’s Prime Minister Mr Raila Odinga was involved in Dr Corsi’s arrest, she got irritated and and simply told API not to dig that which will support evil people who are out to stop her husband from getting the presidency.

When asked who she was referring to as the evil people, she stated that she was not going to elaborate much on that but that many conservative white people and even some African Americans were against her husband, but that this group of blacks were simply doing so because of envy.

On Farakhan and his ministry, Mrs Obama told API that it was unfortunate that Mr Farakhan came out the way he did supporting her husband openly before the elections was over. That was not wholehearted support but one that was calculated to convince the American people that my husband will support the growth of muslim faith if he became the president, adding “even if my husband was able to prove that he is not a Muslim, he will not be believed by those who have come out strongly to destroy his chances of being the next President. Do real people expect someone to deny a religion when 80 percent of his relatives are Muslims?; Mrs Obama asked.

Mrs Obama asked API to write a good story about her husband and that will earn API an invitation to the innoguration ceremony when, as she put it , her husband will be installed as the next President of the United States of America next year.
Published by African Press International - API

Bribing the press. It used to be a bad idea, but anymore it seems to be the norm since the media doesn't even try to hide the public payoff of inaugural tickets.

UPDATE: ABC (Allejuah Barack's Coming) says the story is bogus. So does the Obama campaign. Others say there is audio. If the story is bogus then I owe an apology for posting it and I will offer one.

If it's true, Obama owes the nation an apology.

Hey, Brunner, Registration Fraud In Your Back Yard

A 12 minute drive from her office.

Voter and registration fraud is the business at 2885 Brownlee Avenue which is 6 miles from Ohio's Secretary of States' office in Columbus, Ohio, but she can't see it because she doesn't want to. Brunner won't see it because she wants to tank Ohio, against Ohio voter's wishes, for Obama and Democrats all the way down the ballot. Brunner's unethical stint as SoS may come back to bite her. It should.

The Columbus Dispatch, once Ohio's greatest home newspaper, hasn't had the time either. This election, behind curtains, the editorial staff spends a great deal of time deciphering the latest trends in being "nonpartisan" reporters of note for Obama and "truth seekers" of Republican perfidy. They're shameless in their chimerian attempt to appear what they're not, fair.

6 miles and 12 minutes guys.

Houseful of out-of-state Obama activists registered as Ohio voters, received absentee ballots
Something smells at 2885 Brownlee Avenue in Columbus, Ohio.

I strongly recommend that the Ohio Republican Party get on the case before it’s too late. Today’s the last day to challenge voters who registered early in Ohio before the run up to Election Day.

Here’s the stench: An entire houseful of young, non-Ohioan Democrat activists have used the Brownlee Avenue address to register themselves to vote in the Buckeye State and secure absentee ballots under extremely shady circumstances — all while mobilizing a large effort to register thousands of others for absentee and early voting. The activists are leaders of a group called “Vote From Home ‘08.” The group is self-identified as having “extensive experience with political organizing, election administration, and Democratic politics.” They were hailed as the “Justice League” by a Daily Kos blogger. Their Facebook page brags: “Want to turn the Presidential election blue in a key swing state? Vote from Home is a political organization that was founded by a team of young people for the purpose of assisting, aiding, and tracking voters to elect progressive candidates to the White House. Encouraged by the excitement of the 2008 elections and the movement around the Democratic candidates, Vote From Home will be in Ohio seeking to deliver 10,000 votes to Democratic candidates statewide.”

Just in case Brunner or Strickland or, say, any Republican Party official wants to go check out this blatant and illegal fraud, below are directions to the bungalow of love for these out of state criminals.

Driving directions to 2885 Brownlee Ave, Columbus, OH 43209
5.5 mi – about 12 mins
From 180 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215
1. Head east on E Broad St/OH-3/US-40/US-62 toward S Young St
Continue to follow E Broad St/US-40, 3.1 mi

2. Turn right at E Broad St, 246 ft

3. Turn right at S Drexel Ave/US-40, 0.8 mi

4. Turn left at E Main St/US-40, 0.8 mi

5. Turn right at Kenwick Rd, 0.5 mi

6. Turn left at Brownlee Ave, Destination will be on the right, 0.2 mi

2885 Brownlee Ave, Columbus, OH 43209

It's a slate blue house. And they probably ain't wearing Buckeye gear.