Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Says:........NADA And Doesn't Say It Too Well This Evening

Babblin' Barack did just that, babbled.

Barack's teleprompter guy must have been caught in traffic unable to get the script to Barack Iraq on time.

Barack's best lines this evening are, uh, ah, uh, er, well, ah, uh, (point finger), uh, a, (raise eye brow), (grin) and then he hit his stride when he remembered his memorized script near the end about education and he was able to use his own wonderful experience of being a parent who is always home and never at work. Yeah, that's it, Barack has been there every night with Michelle doing the homework, doing the sports and making sure that his neighbor's kids will get a good education.

Yeah, that's Obama.

Unfortunately, debate 3 was once again on Obama's turf. His theme and his lies, but his debate none the less.

McCain needed more.