Monday, March 14, 2011

Chris Craft

Man Plans, God Laughs

From Yid With Lid and his post is pretty funny in an ironic way. He quotes:

Shortly after she stepped down from her position as Prime Minister Golda Meir toured the US. In talking about the advantages in resources the Arab states had over Israel, she blamed Moses.  Too bad, that after leading his people across the miraculously parted Red Sea, he did not turn right—to where the oil was—but instead turned left. But now Moses' sense of direction is making a comeback.

YID With LID: Israel May Have as Much Oil As Saudi Arabia-Moses WAS Right.

Mohammad gonna be po'd. The Islamofascists might just have their heads explode without the use of explosives. Irony is so wonderful. May each and every one enjoy their 72 Virginians. I hope one of their reward is Patrick Henry. He'd bitch slap them back to the stone age.

I think God is laughing. A big belly laugh.