Sunday, August 05, 2007

Angkor Wat

I love B&W photography. It is my preference, but this site is impressive.
Each of the 23 towers of Angkor Thom, one of the largest sub-cities inside Angkor Wat, is covered with these faces. Like many of the remaining ruins, this one was built by king Jayavarman VII, whose face has been combined with Buddha's throughout the city to create a combined royal and religious imposing presence that permeates the city.

Ron Paul's Presidential Victory Margin Grows

Who do you think won the Republican debate?

Ron Paul 19,680

Mitt Romney 3,039

Rudy Giuliani 2,545

Nobody. I'm waiting for Fred Thompson or Newt Gingrich to enter the race. 2,333

Nobody won. I'm voting Democratic. 2,050

Mike Huckabee 1,805

Sam Brownback 950

Tom Tancredo 541

John McCain 515

Tommy Thompson 354

Duncan Hunter 334

Total Vote: 34,146

Ron Paul has increased his Presidential vote lead submitted by his hand picked staff of 30 to 19,860 which breaks down the multiple voting and the dead vote to an average of 656 votes per person, depending on how long each voter has been dead or how long the semi-alive voters could concentrate during one session at the computer.

It is reported that Hoffa delivered the increased dead vote, but Hoffa did not return phone calls in reference to this story. Youngstown police also had no comment nor did the turf at Giant's Stadium.

Daily Kos supplied the necessary voters in the semi-alive/conscious column, but was too busy scrubbing comments detrimental to American soldiers and the kos cause to comment for this story.

Favorite son, Texan Lyndon Baines Johnson, former President, stated that Paul would be supported financially whole heartedly by Brown and Root if Lady Bird heard the singing and if, a big if, Brown and Root got the final "okay" from cough VP Cheney who now mentally controls Halliburton, the present owner of Brown and Root. Johnson was not available for comment for this article, but unnamed sources in Iraq stated it is all a "corporate profit scheme" that supports the war. The same source stated that Building 7 was imploded by unnamed operatives from Israel.



Trey Ratcliff

Roman Forum Temple Ruins

By Weinerd

Paul--Never a Reason To Go To War

GOP Hopefuls Generally Agree on Iraq
Republican presidential contenders sparred over abortion on Sunday but
generally agreed the United States must remain in Iraq as part of the war on

"Just come home," countered Texas Rep. Ron Paul, the lone dissenter
on a debate stage when it came to Iraq. He said there had never been a good
reason to go to war in the first place.

"Has he forgotten about 9/11?" interjected former Massachusetts
Gov. Mitt Romney.

I beg to differ. Let's just discuss one war, WWII. Evil is a weed that must be destroyed all the way to its deepest root. To ignore evil is to acquiesce in evil.

To not help people that are being slaughtered, tortured and held in political bondage is an evil. An unthinkable evil that stuns me coming from Americans who have enjoyed so much freedom and now have become so selfish as to not help others.

Selfishness becomes stupidity for those unwilling to defend themselves, especially those who close their eyes and deny even the necessity.

Ron Paul Wins Debate, Wins Presidency

Brownback 22% 6,634

Giuliani 15% 4,530

Huckabee 3% 887

Hunter 2% 488

McCain 2% 490

Paul 40% 11,760

Romney 12% 3,639

Tancredo 3% 796

T. Thompson 2% 504

Total Votes: 29,723

President Elect Paul enthusiastically thanked all 30 of the people that voted for him 392 times each, "With campaign workers such as you, the "will" of the people will be realized throughout my next 6 terms as president."

Democrats Raise Price of Gas & Food, Worse than OPEC

House Approves Taxes on Oil Companies

Declaring a new direction in energy policy, the House on Saturday approved $16 billion in taxes on oil companies, while providing billions of dollars in tax breaks and incentives for renewable energy and conservation

Republican opponents said the legislation ignored the need to
produce more domestic oil, natural gas and coal. One GOP
lawmaker bemoaned "the pure venom ... against the oil and gas industry."

The House passed the tax provisions by a vote of 221-189. Earlier it
had approved, 241-172, a companion energy package aimed at
boosting energy efficiency and expanding use of biofuels, wind power and
other renewable energy sources.

"We are turning to the future," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Yep, Nancy, we are headed in a new direction and it has little to do with energy policy except for you to pander to the enviro wackos for their votes. As usual, Congressional liberals don't really want to look at the effects of their policies such as bio and the rising cost of food in the wake of their feel good legislation.

Result, higher food prices, higher gas prices including home heating fuel and more taxes to the government and less money to actually solve problems that we, as a nation, face.

The right direction would be more domestic drilling and the building of more refineries, Congress won't accept that.
Somebody should tell Congress that they are doing work on behalf of the pricing department of OPEC right here in America, but then I believe they already know that.