Saturday, August 30, 2008

DIRTY TRICKS: Obama Smears Palin With Lies

The more the left cries that McCain is desperate the more it becomes apparent just how desperate Obama has become.

Now they try to smear VP candidate Sarah Palin with lies. Via LGF:

Who's Behind Anti-Palin Smear Site?

How low will they go? As low as they feel necessary to win, because they must win at al costs.

Obama Hates All Success But His

He did it his way, using other's money and guilt to become a millionaire in a millionaire's house bought with other people's money. Harsh? Not really, not when he questions his opponent and the money his opponent's wife has. Her money. Cindy's money. Money her parents worked hard to leave her. It's people like Cindy McCain that Obama thinks should fund people like him to get wealthy. Typical Liberal/Progressive, aka Socialist.

It's also sexist when Obama attacks McCain implying McCain should know his wife's business. It's also sexist of Obama to imply that he would know what investments his wife has. As if it's not just his right, but his duty to know. Typical again.

Cindy McCain fired back and, typically, liberals will offer up crap like they're offended by her wealth or some self righteous variation, but it comes down to hate. Hate that she has it and they don't.

Cindy McCain tells Stephanopoulos that Obama Offended Her

Maybe later Cindy will address some of the his "Os" lies about McCain and his stances and go after Obama's false numbers and lies about Republicans and America in general. I think that's called a campaign. Especially since the media is refreshing their lipstick for another day of kissing butt to lie about Obama and attacking all success, but their own. Just like Obama.

Stephanopoulos wears Ruby Red.