Sunday, February 04, 2007

kOskiDDies to troops - "Screw'em"

kOskiDDies get petulant when citizens and soldiers say something they don't like.

This, of course, is a point I have brought up many times and the Milblogs when crazy then. You, the military, are the servants of the people. That is what you signed up for. We send you to war and we bring you home. We tell you when to wake up and when to go to bed. If you do not like that, GET OUT. But, that is the life you chose.

The next thing the milblog right wingers were upset about was when
Arkin called our Military a mercenary force. Well, guess what, it is!! To get
people to fight this war we have had to add all sorts of additional benefits,
bonuses, insurance etc. The only way to get people to go was to pay them a lot
more - the definition of a mercenary. Also, if you count the 100,000 or so
"contractors" over there, that is even more evidence of a mercenary force. I called it at this post last year.

If the military is going to "take on" the American public by saying we have no right to change how we want to deploy them then they have joined the fight. I have said all along, and in the book, The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War the idea that the American military has lost contact with the United States Citizens has been proven. They have. Arkin called it right!

I sure hope they don't hold their breath until we apologize. Of course, then they'll really be blue.

Nick Clooney to speak at Lakota West High School

Nick Clooney to speak at Lakota West High School

Contact: Parker Novak, (513) 410-1144


WEST CHESTER, OH - (January 29th, 2007) Nick Clooney, nationally knownnewscaster and father of movie star George Clooney, along with Homa Yavar,co-chair of the Greater Cincinnati Advocates for Darfur, will speak at 10 A.M. on Wednesday, Feb. 7th at Lakota West High School.

The Darfur region of Sudan continues to be the scene of brutalities againstcivilians committed by the Janjaweed militia with the support of theSudanese government. Clooney and Yavar will speak about the situation in Darfur and what role the students can play.

Clooney and Yavar's visit is sponsored by students at Lakota West HighSchool, in conjunction with the Multicultural Club, National Honor Society,and Junior State of America. Students will be working to raise awareness about the Darfur genocide through various events and activities throughout the week.

Lakota West is the first public school and the largest school in the GreaterCincinnati area to hold a "Darfur Awareness Week." Principal Richard Hamilton is fully supportive of the students' efforts, saying, "It's greatto see students involved in promoting a good cause such as this. I thinktheir efforts will do a great deal to raise awareness about the situation in Darfur."

Other events and activities set for the week include:

Monday, Feb. 5th: Students will be selling t-shirts to raise funds forDarfur relief and posting signs throughout the Union Centre area to call for action in Darfur.

Tuesday, Feb. 6th: Teachers will be holding discussions in their classesabout Darfur allowing students to voice their opinions about the situationin Darfur.

Wednesday, Feb. 7th: Nick Clooney, along with Homa Yavar from the Greater Cincinnati Advocates for Darfur, will be the featured speakers at the freeassembly.

Thursday, Feb. 8th: Students will be writing letters and making phone callsto Congressmen and Senators urging them to take action about Darfur.

Friday, Feb.9th: Students will be holding a 'green shirt day' to raiseawareness about Darfur amongst the student body, and raise money for Darfurrelief.