Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another fine Jimmy Carter moment

30 years ago

January 21, 1977 President Carter pardons almost all Vietnam War draft evaders.

One day after his inauguration.

Loser then. Loser now.

Hillary Clinton wants to talk

Gateway Pundit has a few subjects to discuss with Hillary:

Here is a partial list of blemishes from the first Clinton stay in the White House:

* Number close to the Clinton machine who have been convicted of or
pleaded guilty to crimes: 44

* Number of convictions during his administration: 33

* Number of indictments/misdemeanor charges: 61

* Number of imprisonments: 14

* Number of presidential impeachments: 1

* Number of independent counsel investigations: 7

* Number of congressional witnesses pleading the 5th Amendment: 72

* Number of witnesses fleeing the country to avoid testifying: 17

* Number of foreign witnesses who have declined interviews by investigative bodies: 19

The Clinton machine now holds the record for the administration with:

* The most number of convictions and guilty pleas

* The most number of cabinet members to come under criminal investigation

* The most number of witnesses to flee the country or refuse to testify

* The most number of key witnesses to die suddenly

* The greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions

* The greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad.