Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rachel Maddow Randi Rhodes Scholar. Again.

First, she employs Sen. McCarthy to out-McCarthy in an attempt to get artists and companies to name names to hurt the careers of an artist(s) who did work for Mike Huckabee for a series of history shorts he did for kids. Second, our Randi Rhodes Scholar got basic American history completely wrong not just once, but over and over again.

All of her fans adoringly remind everybody that she's a Rhodes Scholar. Maddow has a staff complete with editors and researchers. All of them failed. Again.

After Condemning McCarthyism, Maddow Enlists Viewers To Out Animator Of Huckabee History Series

Unfortunately for our beloved Rachel, once again, she either got her facts wrong or outright lied to make a point. Senator McCarthy never, not once, asked anyone from Hollywood to name names. He didn't for a simple reason. McCarthy wasn't on HUAC which was the committee asking such questions. That some of Hollywood's biggest names ratted out their communist brethren was irrelevant to McCarthy. His target was government, not the celluloid cells of communists.

Rachel needs some more schoolin'. Again.

Animal Rights/Eco-Terrorists Want Our Children

PETA offers to pay cash-strapped Pa. district cash if it allows anti-dissection ads in schools

And we want groups such as PETA, ALF and other criminal enterprises access to students and our schools? In the wacky world of the left the ends justify the means which makes allowing these groups to indoctrinate our children perfectly acceptable to them. Since few people listen to them they have turned to violence which is the same methodology that Islamofascists use. And just as stupid.

Below is a list of some of their deeds they have committed to show us the wisdom of their ideologies. It is more than enough to make me reject not only their ideology, but also any talk of their ideology. In fact, these acts makes anything they say or write not worth one thin dime and if anyone is stupid enough to pay them even a dime, said payment should be immediately seized to begin repayment to society. Of course, hundreds of billions of dimes could never repay individuals, business, science and mankind for the mindless damage and  hurt they have criminally committed.

Now they want our children. The hell with'em.

Animal Rights & Eco-Terrorism : The Price We Pay

4/30/10: Sheepskin plant torched in CO
A Sheepskin Factory near Denver is razed by arson. 
Damage: $500,000.
6/29/09: Townhouse development destroyed
Canada: Arson destroys 60 unoccupied units in 
Mississauga, Ontario. Damage: C$10 million.
5/18/09: Research animal supplier torched in NV
Arson guts Reno office of Scientific Resources 
International. ALF claims guilt. Damage: $30,000.
10/11-31/08: Gas pipeline bombed three times
Canada: Three bomb attacks damage EnCana natural 
gas pipeline near Dawson Creek, BC.
8/2/08: Researcher’s home firebombed in CA
Firebomb forces UC-Santa Cruz scientist and family 
out of their beds to evacuate from 2nd floor.
3/3/08: Fires gut model homes in WA
Four multi-million-dollar model homes are torched in 
Seattle. ELF graffiti found.
5/6/07: Arson at cattle farm
UK: Firebombs at Oxfordshire farm wreck equipment, 
kill animals. ALF claims guilt. Damage: £500,000.
12/18/06: Bird farm attack in NJ
2,500 quail released in Somerset County. All die. 
Damage: $80,000.
9/13/06: Fish farm attacked
UK: 15,000 halibut released, gear vandalized, in 
Oban, Scotland. Damage: £500,000.
7/14/06: Construction vehicles sabotaged
Canada: Dozen vehicles wrecked at Toronto condo 
development. ELF claims guilt. Damage: C$2 million.
1/27/06: Farmed fish released
UK: 50,000 trout freed in Kent. Damage: £100,000.
1/7/06: Luxury house torched in WA
Mansion on Camano Island gutted. ELF message 
found. Damage: $2 million.
11/20/05: Housing development torched in MD
Four townhouses set ablaze in Hagerstown. ELF 
claims guilt. Damage: $225,000.
7/8/05: Logging gear burned in NH
Equipment torched on land owned by T.R. Dillon 
Logging in Success. Damage: $500,000.
4/13/05: Homes firebombed in WA
Arsonists burn one new house, attempt another, in 
Sammamish, near Seattle. Damage: $300,000.
11/14/04: Lab ransacked, animals released
Iowa University Psychology Dept. vandalized, 
animals stolen. ALF claims guilt. Damage: $450,000.
11/12-15/04: Science building extensively damaged
Over $1 million in damage to building under 
construction at Univ of Minnesota Duluth.
6/14/04: Arson at Utah lumber yard
Storage house in West Jordan destroyed. ELF claims 
guilt. Damage: $1.5 million.
All dates: month/day/year
4/20/04: New homes torched in WA
Two homes gutted, one damaged in Lobo Ridge, 
Snohomish. Evidence of ecoterror. Damage: $1 million.
9/24/03: Research lab ransacked in Louisiana
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine lab vandalized. 
Damage: $ hundreds of thousands. ALF claims guilt.
9/19/03: Homes under construction torched in CA
Four San Diego homes destroyed. Banner indicates 
ELF guilt. Damage: $1 million.
8/25/03: Mink farm raided in WA
10,000 mink released in Snohomish. Damage: 
8/22/03: Arson at four SUV dealerships, CA
125 autos, mostly SUVs, destroyed or damaged 
around LA. Damage: $3 million +. ELF claims guilt.
8/1/03: Condo project torched, CA
ELF claims 206-unit condo arson in San Diego. 
Damage: $50 million.
6/4/03: New homes torched, MI
Two homes destroyed in Macomb County. Damage: 
$700,000. ELF claims guilt.
4/27/03: Chicken hatchery vandalized
Sweden: Machinery wrecked at Gimranas Inc. 
hatchery, Herrljunga. Damage: $240,000.
12/29/02: Hunt supplier torched
UK: Fire razes feed supplier to Herts fox hunt. 
Damage: $400,000.
8/11/02: Forest Service station torched, PA
US Forest Service Research Station in Irvine burned 
down. ELF claims guilt. Damage: $700,000.
3/24/02: Arson at road construction site, PA
$500,000 crane burned, trees spiked. ELF claims guilt.
1/26/02: Minnesota Univ. arson
Machinery torched at building site of genomics 
research center. Damage: $800,000. ELF claims guilt.
9/20/01: Arson at primate facility, NM
Coulston Foundation research facility burned down. 
Damage: $1 million +. ALF claims guilt.
Aug. 1, 2003, San Diego
(Photo: San Diego Channel)
Mississauga, June 29, 2009
Photo: Sue Reid9/8/01: McDonald’s torched, AZ
McDonald’s franchise in Tucson set ablaze. Damage: 
$500,000. ALF claims guilt.
6/11-12/01: Luxury homes set ablaze, AZ
Four homes being built near mountain preserves 
outside Tucson torched. Damage: $5 million.
5/21/01: Arsons in OR, WA
Clatskanie tree farm and Univ. of Washington Center for 
Urban Horticulture burned. Total damage: $8 million.
3/30/01: Arsonists hit OR truck dealership again
36 SUVs destroyed at Romania Truck Center. 
Damage: $1 million. ELF claims guilt.
3/25/01: Slaughterhouse torched
Netherlands: Slaughterhouse near Eindhoven 
burned. Damage: $4 million. ALF claims guilt.
1/2/01: Lumber company torched, OR
$400,000 damage caused to Superior Lumber offices 
in Glendale. ELF claims guilt.
12/9-29/00: Arsonists attack luxury homes, NY
Three waves of attacks cause $410,000 damage on 
Long Island. ELF claims guilt.
11/27/00: Mansion torched in Longmont, CO
Damage: $500,000. ELF claims guilt.
9/7/00: Mink farm raided, IA
14,000 mink released in New Hampton, largest animal 
release ever in US. Most die. ALF claims guilt.
6/24/00: Arson at Eugene, OR truck dealership
Romania Truck Center struck. Damage: $400,000. Jeff 
Luers sentenced for this and May 27 arson attempt (below).
6/4/00: Oregon seed research vandalized
$300-500,000 damage caused to plots at Pure-Seed 
Testing. Anarchist Golfing Association claims guilt.
5/27/00: Attempted arson at OR oil company
Arsonists target gas tanker of Tyree Oil, in Eugene. Jeff 
Luers sentenced for this and June 24 arson (above).
4/30/00: Construction site sabotaged, IN
Vandals attack highway site near Indianapolis. ELF 
claims guilt. Damage: $500,000.
1/3/00: Arson at meat plant, CA
Rancho Veal torched by ALF. Damage: $250,000.
Produced by Farmers for Safe Farms. If you want our farms to be safe, contact: Farmers for Safe Farms, 
c/o Fur Commission USA, PMB 506, 826 Orange Avenue, Coronado, CA 92118-2698 USA.
Tel: (619) 575-0139;;
12/31/99: Arson at Michigan State Univ., MI
Research on genetically engineered plants destroyed. 
ELF claims guilt. Damage: $900,000.
12/25/99: Forestry company torched, OR
Boise Cascade office burned. Damage: $1 million. 
ELF claims guilt.
8/9/99: Fur farm feed supplier torched, WI
United Feeds burned down. Damage: $1.5 million.
8/1/99: Arsonists attack dairy
UK: Trucks firebombed at Unigate Dairies, Oxford. 
Damage: £1 million.
4/5/99: Minnesota Univ. labs vandalized, MN
Vandals destroy research on neurological diseases, 
cancer vaccine. Damage: $2 million.  ALF claims guilt.
12/26/98: Forestry company torched, OR
US Forest Industries attacked. Damage: $500,000 +. 
ELF claims guilt.
10/18/98: Arsonists strike ski resort, CO
ELF claims guilt for Vail fires. Restitution damage: 
$12 million. Total losses: $24.5 million.
7/21/97: Slaughter plant firebombed, OR
Cavel West Horse Slaughter Plant torched. Damage: 
$1 million. ALF claims guilt.
5/30/97: Fur farm raid, OR
10,000 mink released, 4,000 die. Damage: $750,000.
3/11/97: Feed plant bombed, UT
Fur Breeders Ag Coop in Sandy bombed. Damage: 
$1 million.
11/12/96: Fur store firebombed, MN
Alaskan Furs, Bloomington. Damage: $2.75 million.

Prevost House

The Prevost House was originally constructed in 1877 for Nick Prevost, an Anderson businessman. It is significant for its architectural design. The house was constructed in the Renaissance Revival style along the lines of the German Pavilion at the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia. Prevost and his wife visited the Exhibition and were impressed by the Pavilion designed by H.J. Schwarzmann. The house is a one-story, frame residence on a high brick foundation. The building has a central, rectangular block with flanking wings to the east and west. In its original configuration, the façade was characterized by a central, three-bay, arcaded portico based on Renaissance precedents, with engaged Tuscan colonettes in the piers, semicircular arches with pronounced keystones and a bracketed cornice. The central block of the house has a low-hipped roof sheathed in standing seam metal. Simulated quoins define the corners of the block. Each of the wings has a lower roofline, consistent with the portico’s cornice. Single stuccoed brick chimneys with octagonal caps rise within each wing. The details of the façade were originally defined by contrasting paint. The house has undergone several significant alterations since its construction. The original outbuildings have been destroyed. Listed in the National Register July 10, 1984. The Nick Prevost House is no longer extant. Removed from the National Register December 8, 2005.

Obama's Misery Index Higher Than Carter's

Glenn Reynolds had hoped that Obama would only approach Jimmy Carter as the worst president not surpass him with such ease.

Shadow Stat Misery Index Highest on Record

That Obama did it with such speed is unsurprising.