Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rachel Maddow Randi Rhodes Scholar. Again.

First, she employs Sen. McCarthy to out-McCarthy in an attempt to get artists and companies to name names to hurt the careers of an artist(s) who did work for Mike Huckabee for a series of history shorts he did for kids. Second, our Randi Rhodes Scholar got basic American history completely wrong not just once, but over and over again.

All of her fans adoringly remind everybody that she's a Rhodes Scholar. Maddow has a staff complete with editors and researchers. All of them failed. Again.

After Condemning McCarthyism, Maddow Enlists Viewers To Out Animator Of Huckabee History Series

Unfortunately for our beloved Rachel, once again, she either got her facts wrong or outright lied to make a point. Senator McCarthy never, not once, asked anyone from Hollywood to name names. He didn't for a simple reason. McCarthy wasn't on HUAC which was the committee asking such questions. That some of Hollywood's biggest names ratted out their communist brethren was irrelevant to McCarthy. His target was government, not the celluloid cells of communists.

Rachel needs some more schoolin'. Again.