Monday, January 15, 2007

Pittman, Ginn and Gonzalez

Three guys that do not know where their bread is buttered.

Going pro.

They are leaving their team in the lurch.

Some will hope they do well and make a lot of money.

I believe in loyalty.

They do not.

How sad is that?

Gonzalez is the biggest disappointment. I thought he was 300 Spartan material. He appeared to be #1 material. He wasn't and is not.


They are all losers.

Maybe they hope to get an extra Hummer with their pay. May they get one, because that is all they have shown they are worth. Oh, and maybe an extra piece of bling.

I hate traitors.

I love Ohio. It is a good state.
China teens casual about one-night stands: poll

Well, I never was casual about them!

Jeez, kids these days