Monday, January 15, 2007

Pittman, Ginn and Gonzalez

Three guys that do not know where their bread is buttered.

Going pro.

They are leaving their team in the lurch.

Some will hope they do well and make a lot of money.

I believe in loyalty.

They do not.

How sad is that?

Gonzalez is the biggest disappointment. I thought he was 300 Spartan material. He appeared to be #1 material. He wasn't and is not.


They are all losers.

Maybe they hope to get an extra Hummer with their pay. May they get one, because that is all they have shown they are worth. Oh, and maybe an extra piece of bling.

I hate traitors.

I love Ohio. It is a good state.


Tom Blogical said...

I'm hot and cold on this. On one hand, I think the NFL (and the NBA) should have a farm system, just like baseball. I also believe that these guys should fulfill their commitment to Ohio State, but I can't really blame them for leaving when they have the opportunity to make that much money. What do you think the coaching staff would do? Damn right, they would leave if a better opportunity came along.

Another problem I have is Ginn is the only kid going pro that will be selected in the 1st round. Pittman left out of anger, in my opinion, and neither he nor Gonzalez are 1st round picks. Gonzalez left for logical reasons, at least.

Now the trick for Pittman and Gonzalez is this: figure out a way to get guaranteed contracts.

The problem with all of this is, it's not about education, and it's all about money.

mRed said...


I have thought about this, because of your comment.

To me, I believe, it comes down to loyalty. This does not denigrate you insightfulness.

Though I would question the brilliance of these players not seeking more experience to apply to their future professionalism, thus their big buck jump start.

Me, I always go home with those that brung me to the dance. Even if a 10 at midnight becomes a 2 at dawn. If my friends signed on and decide to quit at their convience, I would feel offended.

Ergo, as an OSU fan, I may understand their decisions, for what ever reason, but I am offended and will never trust them again.

All said, good luck to them.

Tom Blogical said...

I'm with you. I'm a loyalty person too, and it does bother me that they left. One thing I didn't mention is Gonzalez sought out the coaches and players and asked if he was being disloyal by leaving. They told him no, so he felt comfortable. I'm not sure if Pittman or Ginn did that or not. I'm most disappointed in Pittman for leaving since he went on the record earlier this year saying that he wanted to win the Heisman next year. Well, you can't do that in the NFL.

The trend towards CFB raking in the dough and being all about the money is a bad one, further on display when Gonzalez (and a few others) told the media he thinks the players are exploited and should be compensated more.

I don't agree with them leaving, but I, like you, wish them well all the same.

How's that for a wishy-washy comment?

mRed said...

Good info on Gonzalez asking for input from the team and staff. I didn't know that and I have more respect for him now. Yeah, Pittman bummed me out with his flip-flop.

Good comment.