Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Berlusconi Win Of Little News To Liberal Press

Yesterday I wrote about Berlusconi winning in Italy and the politics of everybody has a party and a candidate. Ben Keeler has a good post about the media and their handling of two stories about the same man and the same office.

It was all over the news when pro-Bush ally Silvio Berlusconi of Italy resigned in 2006 - it was widely seen as a rebuke to Bush himself.Not a whole lot of news on his victory today and that his party is reclaiming power. Surprising.

Ben added this bit from the AP which seems to be a PR wing for Obama sometimes which makes this a little surprising.

AP: Berlusconi's party and its allies won strong victories in both houses of parliament despite a strong final sprint by his main rival, Walter Veltroni, who ran a campaign that could have come out of Barack Obama's playbook, with calls to "Vote for change" and supporters armed with "We can!" banners.

Maybe they can't.