Thursday, April 03, 2008

Randi Rhodes - Hillary & Geraldine Haven't Spent Time With Eliot 'Black Socks' Spitzer and Stabenow

Left Dining On Themselves

It appears that the lovely and vivacious Randi Rhodes of Air (Err) America mugged herself this time. It hasn't been enough for her to lie about being attacked, nor was it thrilling enough to ask that President Bush be shot, now she has attacked Former First Lady Hillary Clinton and former vice presidential candidate, Geraldine Ferraro because they aren't messiah enough for her nation.

It's a hard task to make Hillary and Geraldine look lady-like, but Randi is just the right little girl to get that done. I love liberals and progressives eating their own. It smells like victory in November. I hope their buffet is 24/7/365.

Pelosi Proves She Is Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks - II

Pelosi warns Petraeus on Iraq testimony

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) warned Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker on Thursday “not to put a shine on recent events” in Iraq when they testify before Congress next week.

It seems Nana didn't learn the last time she tried to question Gen Patraeus' credibility and honesty. America believed him and showed nothing, but scorn for her. As it should be.

This (Ain't Hell) Is Funny

Moron gets advice from dolt

I'm still chuckling.

Conservatives Aren't Smart Enough To Bar Barr

Barr bid could hurt McCain

Republican campaign pros said a Barr bid could range from causing them some damage all the way to being the equivalent of Ross Perot's 1992 presidential bid, which many Republicans think split their party's voters, unseating then-President Bush and electing Democrat Bill Clinton.

I am so sick of arrogant conservatives acting like little Kennedys who think they're smarter than anyone else. The one man/one vote two party system has kept America strong, but these clowns want us to be an Italian Camelot with a party and platform for every naive person who is too lazy to work within the Republican Party to make changes. Maybe some of these people might remember a fellow named Ronald Reagan or another guy named Newt Gingrich. Jack Kemp might come to mind. Ever hear of Vin Weber?

Oh, that's right, it isn't about money. It's about political purity and the American way.

You people are setting up our failure by electing an Obama or a Hillary and don't give me the we win by losing. We win by winning and we lose by losing.

Electing Democrats is losing. Period.

Wahhabi Mecca Is A Bin Laden/Saudi Money Maker

I wrote a piece earlier about Disney does Mecca and now Gateway Pundit has more news about the why.

These projects not only allow the Saudis to profit more from the hajj, which religious Muslims are obliged to make at least once, but also have imposed a Wahabi straitjacket on the pilgrimage. Formerly, Shia and sufic pilgrims observed the hajj with all sorts of individual rituals and visits to shrines and tombs they referred. Now, thanks to the Bin Ladens' demolition and construction projects only a Wahabi version of the pilgrimage is possible.

More information here on the history and the why, another here and here.

Abraj al-Bait is just part of it, but a big part since it is essentially a Saudi abomination and a Saudi profit center to make huge profits of Islam and the pilgrams that revere Mecca as a holy site.
Wahabis destroying the past to ensure the future? Nah, that would just make them cheap little revisionists like the liberals and progressives here in the United States. Would they aim that low?

Arlen's Spector Of The Public's Basic Right Is Right

A great piece on Arlen Specter by Ben Keeler. The Democrat's press hacks at the NYT probably won't want to cover this.

Senate Shutdown?

The Democrats are banking on winning the White House and ramming through their liberal judges to advance their agenda which isn't popular enough to win at the ballot box.

This is a classic liberal tactic skulking the halls of congress dressed up as parliamentarianism. It's not. It's their standard arrogance polished up to appear merely as being a bully for the people.

Hey, Harry and Nana, acting like Teddy R won't ever make you Teddy R. You ain't got the big stick nor the ability to speak softly. It's beyond your range. Try bigger pearls on your pig, that might work better.