Sunday, September 05, 2010

Righthaven Sues Angle For Las Vegas Review-Journal To Help Reid

No, I won't link to the reprobates at the Las Vegas Review-Journal nor Righthaven. One chases ambulances and the other reports it, but now it appears they have thrown their collective hats in the ring to help Hapless Harry Reid get re-elected.

Sharron Angle Faces Copyright Lawsuit

A company has sued Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, claiming she reprinted two Las Vegas Review-Journal articles on her campaign website without permission.

I am amazed at the tin ear decisions of the LVR-J and the bait and switch legal maneuvers of Righthaven to harass bloggers, but for them to get in the gutter with Harry Reid is more than a tad political.

If you lay down with rats you gonna get bit. In this case the trifecta of stupid, which is Reid, LVR-J and Righthaven, deserve each other in their backroom deals.

It's too bad LVR-J doesn't like links to their articles. If my two readers (but I boast) were to link to them it might just double their readership.