Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Is Obama Afraid Of? It's Our Election And We Want To Know.

Obama is afraid. He hides behind his puppet masters who tell his handler, Axlerod, what Obama is to say. The Democrats are terrified to let this leftist rookie out of their grasp because he can't stand the heat. He can't think on his feet.

McCain continuously asks Obama to face voters in town hall meetings with him to address voter concerns. Obama is afraid to.

Obama speaks in platitudes. He puts out lies, distortions, and feel good vagaries through ads on television, radio, in the print media and on the Internet, but he won't be placed in a position where he is challenged and has to detail the promises he is making to the voters.

Obama operatives protest at McCain/Palin events daily which causes the crowds to chant 'USA' and other patriotic chants and McCain once again asks Obama to name a place and time where they can stand together on stage and speak, listen and answer to the crowds. Obama won't do it.

Obama sends out his clowns like Hollis French to "investigate" Palin while French lies on his own resume about being a marine when he's simply a fake soldier, but French has the gall to cast doubt on Palin's words and actions.

All across the board surrogates for Obama, be they paid operatives, volunteers or lackeys like the media, to smear McCain and Palin with false stories, protests and trumped up charges.

This all speaks to me of a candidate who is scared of something. He's obviously afraid of losing in November, but what is it he is afraid will be found out about him.

How Very Democratic

Biden calls paying higher taxes a patriotic act...

Actually, patriotic would be limiting government, supporting the troops, spreading freedom and stopping the lies that have made the Democrat Party here in our Republic, the United States of America. These concepts may be beyond their reality-based thought process though.

Another Obama Celebrity Hates America

Not unlike the crowd that gathered the other night in Hollywood to hate Republicans and love Obama.

Dallas Mavericks' Josh Howard disrespects national anthem
" 'The Star-Spangled Banner' is going on. I don't celebrate this [expletive]. I'm black."

If not in the United States, Howard would be just another nobody making the same bad choices, but without the bling.

Liberal Lies Against McCain Continue By Obamamaniacs

Canadian photographer Jill Greenberg in trouble with The Atlantic over manipulated photos of John McCain

Greenburg was hired to do a cover shot of John McCain for Atlantic Magazine. She lied to McCain, his staff and the magazine about what she was doing during the shoot and then she lied again by not leaving all of the images with the client who had purchased them, Atlantic Monthly. After stealing from the magazine she took the photos back to her studio and manipulated them to falsely portray McCain as something he is not for political purposes.
Greenburg is a liberal who hates those with whom she disagrees. She is also a Canadian who is tainting an American political campaign.
Greenburg has removed the photos from her website without any explanation. That is indicative of her integrity. She has none. She is a manipulative hack who now has a portfolio of questionable images that are tainted with dishonesty by her and disbelief by viewers.

This is the same manipulator who made children cry for another anti-Republican piece. Make no mistake, she is not an artist nor is she an honest photographer, she is a liar with a camera. She is also little else.

Domestic & Foreign Felons For Obama!

Obama keeps wowing some people. Obama is also compiling quite a pile of duh moments. Obama is quite capable of making incrediably stupid mistakes all by himself and the biggest mistake is the army of loose cannons that he has surrounded himself with from coast to coast.

In Pennsylvania: (click to enlarge)

Felons for Obama!!!

Geez, where's the Che ladies when you need them.

Electric Is Back ON!

The electric just came back on for the first time since Sunday afternoon. The news here said that the storm, with no rain, was due to the aftermath of Ike and we had sustained winds of 75 mph for over 45 minutes.

The damage was really unbelievable with some roofs gone, electric and phone poles snapped off and lines on houses, cars and the streets. Trees of all sizes and types were down everywhere. We have 1 small, 2 large and one ancient humongous tree down, but thankfully this time they all missed the house.

Businesses are open. Local schools are to start opening tomorrow. The local market lost a tremendous amount of perishables and we, like everyone else have thrown out hundreds of dollars of meat and other things that go bad without proper refrigeration. Murphy's Law applied here as I had stocked up on the excellent meat from Carfagna's ( a great Italian market that has quality meats as well) last Friday. Unfortunately I could not eat 2 months worth of beef, lamb and pork all at once, but I tried.

AEP crews and others from many neighboring states worked tireously to get the power on. We expected to have no power until Saturday or Sunday. My hat off to all those crews as well as the village crews that cut trees, cleared limbs and did so with good humor. I took a bunch of drinks and snacks to a crew working on our street yesterday and they looked absolutely exhausted, but took the time to tape a thank you note to our door as they left.

Neighbors helped neighbors, sat around with candles chatting and laughing and commiserating. This is a close community, but for the duration came together closer and is better for it.

AEP takes some grief, but they were outstanding and their workers have risen above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you.

Energy: House Hoax & L.A. Laughter

Still without electric, so from the Pickerington library....

Pelosi and fellow Dems lie to the American people with off shore drilling bill. This has to be Pelosi's finest moment as Speaker Liar of the House eclipsing Tip O'Neill as the most disingenuous Dem leader.

100 miles out unless states allow 50 miles and includes only Virginia, the Carolina's & Georgia which not only get no incentive to allow, but would probably cost the taxpayers in those states huge new taxes for gasoline up to 3X's the current cost. I blame her heavy use of Botox.

False headline of the day:
Lawmakers vote to end 26-year ban on offshore drilling...

Now that the housing deregulation laws that President William Jefferson Clinton got passed are coming home to roost causing huge failures in the housing market industry, the Dems a yucking it up with Hollywood stars:

Obama parties with Hollywood celebs: 'This is not a sitcom'...


Pelosi/Reid are worse than the partisan hacks they emulate. They're killing the American dream and blaming it on others.