Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gordon Parks

Gordon Park influenced photography as did Weegee, Robert Frank and many other photographers who lived in different worlds. Parks, Weegee and Frank, as examples, worked in one world, but lived in another and as they brought their world to others they also photographed the other world with the scrutinizing eye of an outsider.

Here are three examples of his work photography, a deeply angry and passionate image of his world and as an outsider. He was highly successful in all three.

As Obama Destroys Israel Will American Jews Destroy Obama?

Well, at least we know what wasn’t discussed in Jeremiah Wright's church.

Obama. It’s how you say you’re going to screw your best friend in the neighborhood. I hope this is an awaking to that which Obama is taking us.


UPDATE: Jay Carney, it appears, is finally getting with the WH program of being a ventriloquist with the truth.

We Have To Destroy Capitalism

And teachers wonder why people are upset with their salary/benefits. They don't get that that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Senate Dems Vote To Keep High Gas Price

Yep, drill, maybe, drill.

Gas prices keep going up and as a the percentage of household income spent on transportation grows and Democrats vote to deplete our spending power again. That’s an economic plan?