Friday, February 11, 2011

Some Things Shouldn't Change

Obama: It's 11:00 PM. Do You Know Where Your Mubarak Is?

Just asking.

Obama Admin To Strengthen UN Instead Of US

Ms. Rice states that we need the UN. That the UN fills a vital need on behalf of the US. Like the US needs the UN as much as the UN needs the US.

Susan Rice kicks off U.N. series

Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, will argue in a major address Friday evening that the nation should “strengthen” — not “starve” — the world body.

The address is the first in a series of speeches — to continue this spring — making the case to the American people for why the U.N. matters to national security, and detailing how it is being improved. The ambassador will be speaking to the World Affairs Council of Oregon in Portland.

The United Nations is a good thought. Communism is a good thought. Both want what Rodney King wants. They all say "Can't we all just get along" after they have hurt, lied, threatened, stole, killed and murdered.

Many ideas are thoughtful, but do not work because the reality of bad people ruin the idea. The UN is filled with such bad people. Thugs, representatives of dictators, assassins and murderers. The good people in the UN have one thing in common with the bad people, they are anti-US.

I humbly submit that President Obama, his administration and the federal bureaucrats try their darndest to start thinking about strengthening America. It will be very hard for them, but I would like to see them at least try it. Once.