Monday, September 10, 2007

Petraeus Testimony - Ros-Lehtinen

Best line so far from the testimony. When Rep Ros-Lehtinen brought up the "Betray Us" ad by the losers at MoveOn a Democrat got indignant and Ros-Lehtinen rolled her eyes and said,

"Get a life."

Rep. Wexler - Petraeus Is A Liar-Part II

Rep. Robert Wexler is pontificating and lecturing Gen. Petraeus at the moment on what is true and what is not true. This loser, Wexler, has the moral indignation of a drunk preacher sermonizing on the evil of alcohol.

If I were Petraeus I'd bitch slap Wexler, but that is why the General is who he is, a professional soldier who does his duty by sitting there listening to pure crap.

If I lived anywhere near Wexler I'd work overtime to defeat him.

Petraeus Testimony - Terrorist Platoon of Lesbians

3:55 Rep. Gary Ackerman is busy making a fool of himself. Again.

But will Ackerman ask Petreaus about potential terrorist platoon of lesbians?

What a schmuck.


Petraeus Testimony- Shriekers Arrested

3:40 More shriekers tossed from the chamber. What great Americans they are that testimony should be stopped.

Rep. Wexler - Petraeus Is A Liar

Congressman Robert Wexler, 19th District of Florida on Fox News just said that Petraeus is lying. He knows what is going on in Iraq better than those there.

General Petraeus' Testimony

2:00 Code Pinkos started their habitual shrieking and were tossed from the chamber. Ike Skelton said if there was anymore shriekers that they would be prosecuted.

Good, but it's sad that court time will have to be wasted on such morons.