Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Coakley Scares Harry Or Why Reid Has To Win Health Care Reform

Will Harry Reid retire at the end of this year? I believe he will. Yes, I do.

Harry Reid's Swansong

Gaffes? Part of it. Polls in the sewer? Stinks, doesn't it Harry.

I think Harry decided a while back that this was it, so why not go out in a blaze of glory. Health Care Reform. Maybe he thought there'd be Harry Reid Memorial hospitals all over America instead of his name on a political toe tag in the morgue of the House.

Fund is right. This may be Harry's swansong and Scott Brown just might have a bullet to cut that swansong short. Even if Coakley wins (can you spell SEIUACORN), the special election result may give one or two senators the cajones and brains to vote no. If Scott Brown wins and Harry hurries up the Senate vote in hopes of passage, it will be his swansong and the Democrat majority will die with the swan.

Even with the botox and new glasses Harry looks tired and his body language is that of a fighter who wonders how the rounds swept by so fast. Even more tiring is that camera-man Chuck Schumer is lurking in the wings plotting a palace coup against Harry.

Harry is more than aware that nothing stands between Schumer and the cameras. Not if they want to survive. Chuck cares that much.

Harry will go down in the fifth, but it is unclear whether he will throw in the towel or will be still swinging. Even if Coakley wins, not a sure thing, Harry could lose. Twice.