Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ron Paul Can't Win Because He's Not Right In The Head

He's "fooked", not right in the head. Bad candidate. Not a Tea Party choice.

Romney? Dunna know.

Gingrich? Love him, but dunna know.

Santorum? Pick of the litter.

Bachman? Ain't happening no matter how much I like.

Perry? Bubba, you need a new team. You were the high school star who got really bad advice for your college choice. Your team should be prosecuted for being clinically certified morons. You coulda/shoulda been.

Ron Paul? Careful if you count the bats in the belfry. One might be an aunt.

Let the morons of the left be released from the belfry. They can't help themselves. Just look at their diapers. Messy. Very messy. And stinky. As usual.

Oh, the children of Occupy say they are there. Speaking of stinky.