Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18

18th June 1923 : The First Checker Cab is produced by the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. By 1925 the Checker Cab Company is the largest manufacturer of Cabs in the country .

18th June 1964 : Soviet leader Khrushchev toured Denmark's agricultural sites but concluded that the Soviet Union cannot learn much from the country. He also vowed that the Soviet Union's agricultural problems would be solved within seven to eight years, and if they weren't he would leave the communist party.

Anybody spotted BO in Denmark lately?

A Sneaky Government Furtively Rushing Through The Night

Auto companies, insurance companies, possibly our medical care and now banking.

Democrats to push through banking overhaul -- quickly...

This is the liberal, progressive and socialist dream, to control us through the basics and because no one will stand and say "enough" they could succeed.


It has been a month that I'd much prefer to have never happened. Thank you to all of you that sent messages of concern. It isn't better, but it is time to move on.

Besides, to divert one from their problems one only has to look at larger problems.

Our current administration.

It is a nightmare to all that love what has made the United States of America great.