Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rangel Wrangling Like A Greased Pig To Get Out Of Bind

I'm sure none of this has anything to do with the fact that his ethics committee's trial is to start this Thursday.

Rangel, ethics committee in last-minute bargaining

If they can't find Charlie Rangel guilty they would've let Charles Manson walk.

High Food Costs, High Govt Handouts, Too Many Farmers

This has got to stop, but who has the guts and the ethics to do so?

Pigford v. Glickman: 86,000 claims from 39,697 total farmers?

I’m confused.

If there are only 39,697 African-American farmers grand total in the entire country, then how can over 86,000 of them claim discrimination at the hands of the USDA? Where did the other 46,303 come from?

Now, if you’re confused over what the heck I’m even talking about, let’s go back to the beginning of the story:

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Harry Reid States We Will Have A Public Option

Screw the voter. Who cares about them. It is all about what Harry, Nana and Barack and of course the nutroots crowd want. Together they represent what? About 21% of the people. To them that's a majority.

Go to 16:43 to hear the disdain for the people as he condescends to the audience.