Sunday, June 06, 2010

How Weak Has Obama Actually Made America? Very Weak.

Iran has joined the Gaza blockade flotilla. Will North Korea be next. Who else? A coalition of weak nations become strong through their alliance and Obama, as usual, is clueless.

Gaza blockade: Iran offers escort to next aid convoy

How stupid and incompetent can a Harvard boy from Chicago be? It appears, very stupid. As a nation, voters, we should hire training wheels and a nanny for this poseur to make sure he doesn't stub his toe going to his next extravigancia involving a tent and the White House. He may endanger himself as well as America. It is America that I am worried about. I have given up on caring about him.

Turn Iran into a parking lot. Paving to nonunion companies. Union leader wouldn't want to get too far from their table at the Monocle.

Obama is, quite frankly, not up to the job. Obviously.

June 6, 1944

Photograph by Robert Capa.