Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama's Second Anniversary Of The Real Keystone Pipeline

Yeah! Obama has hit the jackpot. It's liquid gold flowing right into the coffers of the people's republic. Also, for a short time only, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Cheap! Not some stinking pipeline that will only produce billions of dollars, but the big enchilada, your money and your health all in one wondrous package of bureaucratic love and expertise worth trillions of dollars!

But Obama, just as he dumped his girlfriend Solyndra, seems to be walking a way from his big f'ing baby?  Babies, even big fat ones, are a staple of political campaigning. One could say that babies are a big deal in politics.

It's A Big F'ing Deal!

Oh, how convenient, he'll blame a Republican,Romney!

Just like everything this administration touches, it's a big f'ing deal because they are audacious!

Let me be audacious in a manner Obama and his ilk would like to be, if mommy nodded yes, let government take all the money, set the business and industrial schedules, tell people what they want and then deliver it. Free condoms in a "What, me worry?" world.

As ObamaCare's costs skyrocket (prelaunch) the real money maker isn't the Keystone Pipeline, but ObamaCare itself. It's not a money maker for the country nor the taxpayer, but for government which may nullify the old saw about government not being able to make money or jobs because government will now have all our money and be running all our jobs so who cares about old saws or, for that fact, old sawbones who did it all without a bureaucrat in sight.

Yeah, that's audacious. In a 1950 soviet republic kind of way, but audacious. That's Obama.