Saturday, April 10, 2010

Putin To Investigate Polish Plane Crash

In other news, murderers will now investigate their own crimes under the It Takes One To Know One clause of the Constitution as found by Obama's SCOTUS nominee.

Yes, the fox is in charge of the hen house. Wait, in Russia or America?

Socializing Student Loans Or The Dishonesty Of Congress

Health Care Reform was about health care reform, right? Suspend logic for the sake of the argument and believe for a moment that health care reform was actually about health care reform. Okay?

The larger part of health care reform was actually about socialized education through the government takeover of student loans from private institutions and loan agencies. Most of America does not know this and I believe a large part of Congress had no idea about the scope of this power grab by Obama Pelosi.

Enter common sense, but watch it exit stage left because Congress wants to be able to lie, double speak and dpe the voter. It is who they are. Republicans and Democrats and the growing number of socialists in Congress will fight common sense. They'll fight with stealth, meaness and violence if that common sense would involve honesty.

Truth In Federal Legislation:Time For A Constitutional Rule?
The Case for a Truth-in-Legislation Amendment

“Congress shall pass no bill, and no bill shall become law, whichembraces more than one subject, that subject being clearly expressed in the title.”

This idea, while not a panacea, is a good start. It's time has come. I'd like to see it enacted just to watch Congress stomp their feet and turn red in the face.

Truely Indicative Of The Episcopal Fall From Grace

Barbie gets ordained, and has the smells-and-bells wardrobe to match

With her careers as veterinarian, astronaut and U.S. president behind her, Barbie has at last found her true calling: as a second-career Episcopal priest.

The 11.5-inch-tall fictional graduate of Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, Calif., has donned a cassock and surplice and is rector at St. Barbara’s-by-the-Sea in (where else?) Malibu, Calif.

She arrived at the church fully accessorized, as is Barbie’s custom. Her impeccably tailored ecclesiastical vestments include various colored chasubles (the sleeveless vestments worn at Mass) for every liturgical season, black clergy shirt with white collar, neat skirt and heels, a laptop with prepared sermon and a miniature, genuine Bible.

Apparently a devotee of the “smells and bells” of High Church tradition, the Rev. Barbie even has a tiny thurible, a metal vessel used for sending clouds of incense wafting toward heaven.

Many of the Rev. Barbie’s online admirers asked about her career aspirations.

“How long till she is Bishop Barbie?” asked one.

Barbie couldn't do worse than Rowan Williams.