Friday, February 08, 2008

National Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Great cathedrals and small chapels will inspire you as do great thunderous canyons and small rills. Even as I have witnessed the church I was baptized in (twice), grew in, confirmed in, was an acolyte in and left because of my perception of its failing, the National Cathedral in Washington DC, built by man, holds a hope and nod to the glory of God that I wish all could see, if only once.

Even as a child I was mesmoized by the builders, sculptors and caretakers that labored every day to physically raise a temple that showed their praise. I once went to a demonstration of cartooning and the sculpting of gargoyles and an Italian stone artist was asked if his was just a job after 20 years of working on the cathedral. He replied that working for the Lord could never be just a job because it is a joy and a calling. He was hunched with a bad back and arthritic hands and knees and the most sparkling eyes that smiled.

My grandmother once remarked that I was baptized twice just like lettuce is washed twice when one is worried about the cleanliness of it. I loved every inch of that 4' 11" titan.

I went to the Cathedral today. I walked from where President Reagan was shot by that poor demented fool. I walked past where I had once lived. I walked past the school I had sucessfully tested and interviewed with and was to attend, but never did. I dallied in the Bishop's garden and tried to find gargoyles I memorized as a child and finally I went down to the crypts and to the Bethlehem Chapel where we said goodbye to my sister Barbara to sit for a while and remember.

It was bittersweet as all those that have gone before seemed to be there to help me remember including that little titan who considered "Ipocals" heathen. Even those washed twice.

So Sue Me

I'm at CPAC in DC. This is my first trip since my heart surgery and I will admit that I am pooped. Things in DC haven't changed much since I left. As I used to do I took the Metro bus from Dulles to DC, still a deal at $3.10 and still predictable as the bus was 50 minutes late getting to Dulles.

CPAC is not as well attended as it used to be which is an obvious shame. I caught up with some good friends, heard some great speakers and wondered how the excitement I witnessed could be transferred back to the grass roots. I know how it can't be tranferred as I saw empty booths that yesterday contained Romney supporters, people actually dewy eyed over his departure and heard people grouse. If I didn't have such a strong belief in the people of this country I would be depressed, but I refuse to cave in to that feeling. There is too much at stake.

Tonight I had dinner with a group of people that I respect and the discussion was lively, intelligent and a good look at what could be, but there was a new person dining with us who exclaimed that they wanted the Democrats to take the election because then we could blame them and sweep in 2012 because John McCain is such a disappointment. With my usual aplomb and grace I stated that their statement was a crock of crap and if I took that view I would be disappointed in myself for being part of it because losers always lose. I believe even the restaurant staff stopped and stared at me.

A friend sitting next to me said something along the lines of, "Well, you always did say what was on your mind. It got you fired and it got you hired", to fill the volume vacuum and lighten the moment. It turned out the person who had spoken is married to one of the major fundraisers for the Republican Party and as I just shook my head in disgust, they left in a huff. Somewhat still angry I said, "So, sue me" and the table burst into laughter. Many at the table are Buckeye fans so I asked them if Tressel should refuse to go to games if he doesn't get his top recruit and was promptly told that I had gone too far. It was almost enough to make me want to move back to the District of Calamity.

The rest of dinner was a state by state analysis and projected turnouts if this or that occured and those that remained left in better spirits and a little clearer on what needs to be done.

Long day tomorrow and lots of more friends to catch up with.