Saturday, December 29, 2007

Is Glenn Greenwald Capable Of A Poof In The Wind?

The real question is whether the wind is capable of holding his poofs?

My daughter liked Puff Daddy, for a while, until we all started calling him Fart Father.

Is there hope for Glenn Gassey Greenwald? Nah, he has become a victim of his own vapors.

the poof is in the putting

A whole new meaning for an intellectual Winnie the Pooh.

Dear Onkyo, Sony, Panasonic, et al

In spite of your instructions and manuals we got your products to work today.

Why do you employ people who hate consumers so much?


My bad;
"Why do you employ people who hate consumers so much?"

Should be;
"Why do you employ people who don't care enough about consumers to actually make your instruction manual work and make sense to those that are not nerd nubs?"

I am so sorry. Really.

When Will The Emotionally Stupid Stop Rioting?

I've read all about the assassination in Pakistan. Musharraf, al-Qaeda, Taliban or which ever group of nuts that may have been responsible is really not important. They are all nuts. Every. single. one. of. them.

Here in America we have our own nuts. Years ago I lived through the murder of Martin Luther King which sparked the inner-cities to show their rage while also complaining that racism was unfair and it made them poor, so they burned down their inner-city stores, their houses and the places that employed them.

Not too many years later, nuts used cinder blocks against the skulls of people they dragged out of vehicles to show their anger as the fires they sparked burned their inner-city stores, their houses and the places that employed them because a second rate loser committed a second rate crime and the police were particularly nasty in the arrest. Rodney King then (a day late and a dollar short) whined, "Can't we all just get along?" as the riots he helped start burned on and more people were murdered.

Bhutto is dead. As Prime Minister she was twice found wanting. Some people are making her a saint. Some are asking hard questions. And, yes, a small sick group of pitiful losers are satisfied with their assassination. Most or many of that nation are rioting, murdering, destroying and burning or nodding their heads to the mayhem.

The ever present defenders of such stupid actions weep with symbiotic "understanding", sigh with wrenching emotion and stare with hard eyes at those of us that do not understand their passion for illogical action and inaction that destroys and murders in response to murder and destruction.

All of these actions are stupid and not understandable. To say they are understandable is stupid.

They are nuts. When will they all stop, shut up and go quietly home?