Saturday, October 15, 2011

Historical Revisionism Or Standardized Liberal Lies About American History Hurting Students

Anne Foley, the principal at Kennedy School in Somerville, Mass., sent an email to teachers warning them about celebrating Thanksgiving [sic], the Boston Herald reported,

"When we were young we might have been able to claim ignorance of the atrocities that Christopher Columbus committed against the indigenous peoples," Kennedy School Principal Anne Foley wrote.

"We can no longer do so. For many of us and our students celebrating this particular person is an insult and a slight to the people he annihilated. On the same lines, we need to be careful around the Thanksgiving Day time as well."

Teachers have already been told not to let students dress up for Halloween.

Historical revisionism is a fancy phrase for lying. If the principle of a school claims ignorance of the above lies she is either a liar or she is a very poor scholar.

If she's not too busy towing the liberal line and union building she might want to research the truth about Christopher Columbus. She could start HERE. She won't and she'll continue to pollute the minds of students.

UPDATE: Per usual. Professor William Yelverton cuts and pastes revisionist history into his comment to defend revisionist history. If indeed, white people purposely brought disease to our colonies then most likely a large number of those deaths were caused by Yelverton's ancestors. I guess that means liberals should be blamed for murdering "native" Americans. SHAME! Let us pass a bill condemning the murderous religious cult known as Yelverton!