Friday, July 31, 2009

Another $2 Billion For Cash For Clunkers Debacle. Dems Love Taxes For Clunkers

Another $2 Billion for what the Democrats say is the most popular and successful program eveh! They are stunned at how popular it is and are equally stunned at how good it is for our economic recovery.

Stunned? They are? That stupid? Yes, they are if they didn't think people would line up for free money. Handouts. Payola. Bribes.

Well, it's free money as defined by Democrats. Just like people who think that using credit cards doesn't hurt, Democrats think that bills that do not have to be paid immediately are good.

It's bad. How much will this ridiculous program cost us in the end? It would shame even a member of congress if they could or would read. Maybe. Putting off payments on debt that shouldn't have been incurred in the first place is not only stupid, it is expensive. That's why a sister was stunned when she realized she was actually spending over $200 for a $100 item by the time she paid off the card. She cut up her cards. Only we can cut up our government's credit cards. At the ballot box. Including republicans who vote for this crap.

Plus, nobody seems to care how badly and deeply peripheral industries such as parts dealers, repair shops, used car dealers and others will be hurt, but who cares, because Democrats are stunned that a program that gives away "free" money is so popular. How do you deal with people acting so stupidly?

Besides, voting for another $2 billion takes the spotlight off how poorly thought out and poorly run the program is and how inept this administration and Congress is. Just ask dealers still waiting for repayment of money already laid out for this idiocy.

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.......... .............A quick business trip, accompanied by Mrs IA, and a few days in Annapolis for some great food and history. Crab cakes and a hotel built before the Revolution. Oh, and a few oysters on the half shell.